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The Last EPIC Journey Part 1: Jet Lag is for Newbs & Hitting the Clubs

The Last EPIC Journey Part 1: Jet Lag is for Newbs & Hitting the Clubs

Wed Thurs 3/10 - Thurs Feb 4/10

Air Canada Rating
Since we are flying with three different carriers, I decided to a rating of my own on them. The lady who checked us in was extremely nice. She helped us out a lot and poor dad had to trash three of his lighters and matches. We had thought that the rule about no lighters was only for carry-on and not check in. In addition, because he was transferring at Tokyo, we thought it was best for me to take his Johnny Walker's since he had purchased it on duty free and would most likely have to trash that too. The flight was smooth, the staff was extremely friendly and the food was not totally riddled with mushrooms. So I would probably give them a 3.5 out of 5. Watched The Invention of Lying and part of Love Happens on the plane. I basically narco-ed my way through the flight and ate and watched movies. Chris was worse than me and she was always using me for her pillow, so my ribs were a bit sore haha.

Journey to Koenji
We arrived in Tokyo and parted ways with Dad. We were instructed to go to separate customs officers even though we are related and we were fingerprinted and photographed. We picked up our luggage and headed to the exit where they were doing security checks. I was expecting them to open my luggage and rummage, but they didn't.

Its the Thought That Counts
We purchased a combo ticket - round-trip to the airport and a 2-day Metro line pass. We bought additional ones as well because we will be using public transit a lot. Then we waited for our limobus. Three guys who came from Toronto as well let us go ahead of them and one tried to help me, but I forgot to tell him that my luggage handle was broken. Poor guy thought he broke it! He apologized profusely but I told him it was fine. The limobus guy did the same thing. I need a luggage exchange soon.

MISSIONS i tell you! Walking up and down the damn stairs with big-ass luggage filled with gifts is no walk in the park! We had to take a short train ride to our stop and it was quite the adventure. Suffice to say, we are cabbing it to shinjuku station and getting the limobus from there going back. When we finally arrived at Koenji station I called Toshi and Ryusaku picked us up. He carried my luggage up one flight and then suggested we stay on that floor ahahahah. Our room is reasonably sized, but the bed is big and takes up most of the space. Also music plays late at night but we're used to living beside a fire station so we don't care. Our room was icy cold, but we figured out how to use the heater!

Mellers calls
Mellers called Ryusaku to find out what happened to us. We got there much later than anticipated due to the craziness at Shinjuku station. I forgot to mention, that people thought we were weird for just wearing our hoodies and no jackets too. We talked briefly and she said we'd go clubbing that night hahahaah..jet lag is for newbs! We would call her at 9pm to find out where to meet.

Exploring Koenji - Shopping at the Daiso (100 yen shop)
Hit the daiso and bought a variety of origami paper. We also looked around at the shops. We're in a pretty cool place :) We also went to 7 eleven, since we forgot our shampoo and toothpaste kekeke. Got some snacks and drinks too.

We got to Shinjuku station and looked around a bit. Finally reunited with Mellers at around 11pmish. We went to a Japanese restaurant where we had to take off our shoes and put them in a locker. There was a metal block at each locker and you take the metal slab with you and it locks. We ate gyoza, tompeiyaki, different types of yakitori and had alcoholic beverages..cassis with oolong and cassis with orange juice. Chris experienced a high tech toilet!

Clubbin at Lex
Mellers took us clubbing at Lex with her Abercrombie co-workers and models. All the girls were drooling over them. We also saw Akanashi Jin from KAT-TUN (j-pop band) and he was hanging out with this girl who was all over him. We had a fun time. Everyone was really into the music. It was hella crowded in there though and so hot. We had to take several breaks outside. We were crazy dancing, so much so, that I almost fell at one point haahaa. One of Mellers friends joined us and he almost fell too. Her friends are really nice and some talked to us. There were a lot of foreigner jerks who tried to dance with us, but none of us were having it. Chris, Mellers and I had fun doing some of the dances we knew.

I couldn't find my flat shoes so I ended up using heels and it killed me. My toes felt broken! I was basically hobbled out after clubbing. We left with Masayo and Kenichi and I treated for ramen. Then Masayo came with us to inquire about the passes we had bought. They aren't worth using so we will try to refund them when we get back to the airport.

We were so dead tired when we got back home at around 7amish. We got ready for bed and passed out. We woke up late the next day ahahhaa..I won't say what time but it was late! I'll tell you about it tomorrow and it will be a heckuvalot shorter than this one!!

Hugs to those who finished this email. Sorry if it doesn't make sense hahaah

Until the next one,

Sam ^___^

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