Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Last EPIC Journey Part 0: Prologue

The Last EPIC Journey Part 0: Prologue

Hello All,

It's that time again! No, not's travel journal spamming time! If you have received this email, it means I have left the country, abandoned my job (temporarily) and am off searching for a husband LOL! You all know that's a joke right? But if it actually happened would you be surprised?

Well the chances have gone up since I will be away on Valentine's Day kekeke...Valentine's Day/Chinese Lunar New Year! But seriously, I'm on my "last" epic vacation for a while, as I have applied to the East Asian Studies course at UofT and York, so no more crazy travelling for a while TT_______TT And I know you might be shaking your head with disbelief and perhaps the words "yeah right" come to mind or tumble out of your mouth...but yes...try to believe - as I am really trying, that this will be the LAST EPIC ADVENTURE!...for a while...

I am taking Chris with me this time. It is her birthday/Christmas/graduation gift that I have been planning for two years. So we will be embarking on this crazy adventure for around 4 weeks. This means GO BIG OR GO HOME! HAH! I'm going to live it up and you'll get to read about it..well most of it anyway ;) Us girls will be going to Japan and Korea and then meeting Papa Joe in the Philippines.

Here is the itinerary

Tokyo [Feb 4 - 11]
Seoul [Feb 11 - 18]
Manila [Feb 18 - Mar 5]

The fact that JAL airlines has applied for bankruptcy protection is only a small worry. I mean if the powers that be have decided that I should just stay in Asia...who am I to argue? We have already worked out a deportation plan, if the need should arise, but alas...we won't be able to go back let's just cross our fingers! And while we are away, we will continue to cheer Canada on in the Olympics! We'll have an Olympics of our know, the shopping and eating kind haha (am I the only one laughing here?). Ok, ok, so this was the prologue and on comes the real trip!

-Sam ^____^

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