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SEOUL Searching Pt 10: Homeward Bound

DAY 10: SUN APR 19/09

Checking Out & Eating Out
Woke up around 9:30amish to take down some of my luggage and call home. I was pretty sure my luggage wasn't overly heavy, but decided to buy a duffle bag just in case. We checked out by 11:30am and went to get food. We went back to Myeongdong, as we had seen a noodle specialty restaurant we wanted to try. It was the one that had a long line-up.

The food was so awesome there. The noodles were really really good and so were the dumplings. I want to go back and will probably dream of it when I go back to Canada. It felt like comfort food. The noodles were refillable so we got two refills ahahah. Why not?!

Did a tiny bit of last minute shopping and then headed back. Anne convinced me to put some stuff in the duffle bag and helped me lug the stuff to the bus stop. We took some more pics until the bus came. The driver was in a rush and I barely had time to say goodbye to Anne boooooooo

Homeward Bound
Had a bit of trouble finding the Air Canada area, but finally did. Went to Duty Free and bought some soju and small Japanese wine. The 10 hour flight was alright... there was no space for my luggage, so they stored it in first class for me. Too bad they couldn't move me there too! I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still and Defiance. They were both okay movies and Defiance was a true story, so it made me like it a bit more. I had to fill in a customs form for Vancouver. I wrote down some price I supposedly spent when in Korea. hahahahaa. Don't ask me, b/c I won't tell you how much I spent ahahahahhaa.

I also realized on this flight that I was definitely sick. I also had a massive headache...and asked the flight attendant for tylenol. Luckily they had some. I was also a bit cold, even though I had a blanket and a few layers of clothes...not a good sign....the travel curse has struck again. I always seem to get sick on my last day!! I thought the curse had ended!! It strikes again!

Went in Vancouver I had to collect my luggage again and then check it back in...what a hassle. I told the customs dude that I bought music, make-up, clothes and souvenirs and then he said welcome back to Canada. I figured that it meant that I was good to go...but it wasn't as smooth sailing as I had thought. I was stopped for my soju...b/c it was apparently over the limit. It would have been nice to have been told that before I bought it...oh well... so the person told me to go back outside and see if they could retrieve my luggage to put it in there instead of carrying it on with me. Well, they said I had already checked in my luggage and they couldn't get it back. If I wanted to take it with me they would have to charge me an extra 50 bucks as extra luggage. No wayyyy! I had to chuck it. LITERALLY! I had to throw away a case of soju....luckily it wasn't that expensive...but still!!!!!!!!! That made me quite irritated and I had to go through the checks again. By this time, I just wanted to get hella home...

Van to T.O.
I was seated next to the emergency exit...though the thought crossed my mind that I'm like a narco on planes, so is this really a good idea? ahhaha. I was sitting next to a guy named Mac who had been in Korea too. He had just finished his second contract teaching English and was heading home before re-applying again. We had some good conversations and he asked a lot about the library. Eventually I told him I was sleepy and went into narco mode....I think I slept for most of the flight and woke up when we were descending into Toronto kekeke.

It was pretty fast after that since I didn't have to clear customs anymore. I just picked up my baggage and went to the airport express. The bus was already there, so I didn't have time to call Jos. Once I got to Royal York Hotel, a cabbie asked me if I needed a taxi with all my luggage. I said I needed to make a phone call first. He let me use his phone and I called home. Jos, Mom and Chris picked me up from downstairs and it was awesome to see them again.

I'm home now and off thank goodness. I'm sick, but I think I'll go to the doctor. There's no place like home.

Before I end this last journal, there's a few things I would like to recommend to you (in no particular order)

- Go visit is an awesome place to experience
- Eat Korean food! It is healthy and it is part of experiencing Korea
- If you go, at least learn how to say Annyoung Haseyo (hello) and Kamsamnida (thank you). They will appreciate that you are trying to communicate in their language
- Go see the Korean Folk Village and Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. It is an amazing experience!
- Experience the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yeouido
- Check out the amazing graffiti
- Visit Myeongdong, Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun, Hongdae (Hongik University area), Ehwa Women's University, Insa-Dong and all those other areas. They all have their own charm. In terms of prices, you'll find that Ehwa Women's University is cheaper than Hongik University area....
- See a musical hahaa...even if you can't understand gives you an appreciation for the talent koreans have...
- Enjoy yourself...don't limit yourself while you're there, or you might miss some amazing stuff!

Well there really is too much I would recommend to do in should just go there and experience it! Next year, I would like to also go to Jeju Island and perhaps Busan~

That's all folks!

-Sam ^___^

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