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SEOUL Searching Pt 9: Tic Tteok, Anne & Shopping, Nails, Sojuuuu, Noraebang bang

DAY 9: SAT APR 18/09

This morning I went back to the Tteok cafe. I bought a bunch of things for me and Anne to try out. They had pumpkin, coffee, green tea, strawberry and other flavoured cakes and rice cakes (tteok). It was really delicious and different! I took some nice pictures of it. I ate a few that looked like rice balls and also rice cakes in the shapes of flowers. I wanted to take some to Canada for you guys, but I don't know if it will survive the flight!

So, for some reason I had a bunch of trouble doing cash withdrawals on my bank and credit card and in frustration I kept attempting and blocked myself for invalid pin number. I don't know how that happened, as I was using the right number. I called VISA long distance and they said I would have to reset my pin number at an RBC branch. I could swipe but not withdraw cash...oh well...that card got a lot of swiping!

We went for Shabu Shabu at this restaurant and it was really good. We also ordered Pajeon (korean seafood pancake) yumyum! After we had finished the main shabu shabu part, they cooked noodles in the pot. Next came the rice porridge which looked a little like bibimbap at the beginning. The picture of it doesn't do it justice and it looks kinda gross but it was supergood.

While walking around, we saw a huge lineup for giant creampuffs. People were going nuts and taking a lot of pics too, so I decided to buy one for us to try...the cream is really good! We couldn't finish it and I was trying really hard to find a garbage to chuck it...there aren't a lot of garbage bins in Seoul. Many times I end up carrying my garbage around until I find a place to throw it. Finally I found a place and discarded it. Also, I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but there are constant filmings happening in Myeongdong...for the news and film industry...

We also went to this cool place called Cold Stone where they mix ice cream and fruits/chocolates together. It was quite good. Anne got I'm Berry Pine (blueberry, pineapple and pie crust) and I got Strawberry Banana Rendezvous (banana, strawberry, pie crust and white chocolate chip). We both got the "Love It" size which was a medium.

Myeongdong Underground Plaza
I visited Song's store again to buy the rest of the cds I wanted and said goodbye. Anne got a new phone! It is really nice and she can watch tv for free on it too. I so want one!

I did more shopping before we headed out to get our nails done. Anne took me to this Home Living Store called Kosney's and it was deadly. There were so many things that I wanted to buy there! I went a bit nuts hahahaahaa. I bought some things for my card business like an embosser and some other things. Lucky Anne was with me, because she discouraged me from buying EVERYTHING!

Nails & Restaurant in Apgujeong
We went to get our nails done at Namdaemun Underground Shopping Mall. After walking around a bit, we found a place that could accomodate the both of us at the same time. Anne got her nails painted yellow and I got pink (surprise, surprise). I had two people working on my nails and the main person working on me was sick with a cold. She was really nice and kept apologizing. I was trying to understand what they were saying in Korean to Anne, but I only caught bits and pieces.

After eating, we went to a restaurant on the 5th floor. Anne did the ordering and we had army stew, fire hot chicken, brown rice and two pitchers of yogurt soju. They also gave us coloured corn pops to snack on. We had a really good time there~

Noraebang BANG!
We went to a really fancy noraebang place called SU Noraebang. The rooms are really spacious and many celebs have frequented there. The receptionist has an ear pierce and there's a phone in the room that you can use to ask for service like ordering drinks, or extending your time, etc. They also had tamborines, maraccas (sp?) and plastic hammers hehehee. We had a great time and sang a range of songs. It was a really great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who loves karaoke.

We finished around 2am or 3am and headed back to the guest house. Anne stayed over and we watched tv and talked. I packed a bit more and then went to sleep.

I leave tomorrow..wahhhh why can't my vacation last longer?!?!?

-Sam ^__^

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