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SEOUL Searching Pt 6: Helena & Agnes, Medical Treatment?! & Dracula: The Musical?!

DAY 6: Wed Apr 15/09

Beating the Rush
Because there is fierce competition for the internet here now, I woke up really early to do the journal. I tried to work on the ones I'm behind on, but a line started to form after a while... I called home. Nice to hear everyone, even Chris through Jos' cell phone~

The mosquito bite is still pretty irritated...stupid mozzie!

I decided to try packing some of the crapload of stuff I have bought during this trip...I may need another luggage or duffle bag at least? I started taking pics of all the things I bought and then I got ready to leave.

Lunch with Helena & Agnes
Helena is a friend that I met through KMP :D I've seen her all three times I've visited Seoul and she is supernice. Even though her schedule is quite busy, she always manages to fit me in. She also introduced me to Agnes, another friend. I brought a book over for Helena, as well as an extra book as a gift and I bought a scarf for Agnes.

I ended up in the same place I met Helena last time - by the telephones at the university where she teaches. I called her to let her know I was there at the school. It was cold and rainy today. Luckily I had brought two hoodies with me. After waiting a while I thought I saw someone that looked like her, but I wasn't quite sure. I hesitated and then called out her name. When she didn't answer, I tried her Korean name...but still nothing. I chased after her to make sure and it was her hahaa

We went upstairs to order shabu shabu (hot pot) while we waited for Agnes. We talked about different things with a mixture of Korean and English. I think Helena liked the gifts~ and she was surprised about the other book. Agnes arrived and it was nice to have a reunion. I told them all my news etc and Jos, they said hi and they miss you! I had many lessons while we ate on how to say things in Korean, but it is hard for me to remember them all.

I also told them about the mosquito bite and showed them. They were quite concerned and Helena offered to let me see the school nurse. I was relieved as I would just like to get a second opinion on it. Unfortunately the doc's office was quite busy. I decided to just wait a few days more to see if it would recover by itself. My bites are always worse two days later...

Helena had to prepare for her class the next day and also for an upcoming conference and Agnes was free, so she took me to Dae-Hak-Ro which is a trendy area for school students. It is also where a lot music/stage theatres are located.

We decided to buy tickets for a musical (which we pre-purchased online) and watch it later on that night. We went around the different shops and then we ate jajangmyun (black noodles) ahhaa..since I didn't have any yesterday.

While we were killing time we went to a cafe...the cream cheese cheesecake was SUPERAWESOME! Not too sweet, but just enough and it was lemon flavoured! After we drank coffee, I went to the washroom. I wasn't really paying attention to the tap and just lifted it...all of a sudden, I yelled out and felt pain. I looked down and there was steam coming out of the tap!! The water was literally boiling hot! I told Agnes and she was surprised too, b/c buildings don't usually have hot water during the hotter months. She told one of the employees, but he didn't seem to worried. My finger stings a bit, but it should be okay.

Dracula: The Musical?!
The tickets we bought were for Dracula: The Musical?! (that's how they spelt it) Our tickets were first row centre and it was a smaller theatre like the one I watched Footloose at. I'm a big chicken, so at first I was slightly worried it would be scary, but the poster looked comedic. I told Agnes that if it was scary, I would try to stay, but I might wait for her outside ahhahaa or if they grabbed me onto the stage I would speak really bad korean and tell them to take her instead lol.

The characters in the musical are: a father, a mother, two daughters, mentally insane son, the maid, dracula and Van Hellsing. The premise of the story is a love letter is delivered and the maid gives it to one of the younger daughter of the household. Dracula, however, is interested in her and keeps trying to put her under his spell. They are constantly interrupted. The insane son also has this power where he pulls everyone in and makes them dance in various styles. It is quite hilarious. Van Hellsing comes to kill Dracula and the older sister falls in love with him. The insane son wants to be a helper to Dracula or Van Hellsing. Even though it was in Korean and I could only understand 25 percent of the dialogue, I really really enjoyed it. Their voices were amazing...and Dracula was hottt! hhahaa I'm really glad that Agnes took me to watch it.

She dropped me off at my stop and I went to sleep pretty quickly.

-Sam ^__^

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