Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SEOUL Searching Pt. 5: Tteok Museum, ANNE, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince Set & Too Much Spending!


Today is Black Day..when single people eat black noodles~

Mosquitoes SUCK!
Guess who got a mosquito bite...darn Korean Folk Village...I knew it was too good to be true! Oh well! I have a bite near my left elbow and the affected area is HUGE and painful. Those who have seen the afteraffects of my past bites are probably cringing right tiny bite and my whole arm turns into a Megaman gun... I made a mental note to ask Anne if she could help me get meds.

Tteok Museum
I am staying right near the Tteok (rice cake) Museum. The whole thing is actually quite small and I finished looking around in less than 15 minutes are so. It is really really pretty and all the models look tasty. Couldn't take pics :( but there is an adjoined cafe where they serve tea and different types of tteok as well. I will try to go have some before I leave, but the schedule is getting a bit tight!

Meeting Anne
Anne and I met through our love for the same music group. It was the first time we met and I had a great time. She asked me what I wanted to eat and I said Dak Galbi (chicken galbi) b/c Nick said it is awesome and they don't have it in Canada. We went to the Chuncheon restaurant to have it and it was delicious. Seriously awesome! Helena had told me to have that when I visited Chuncheon (outside of Seoul), but I didn't end up going so this was the next best thing. We caught up and talked about lots of stuff.

Competitive Streak
After eating, I came across an arcade. You know what that means right? I am supercompetitive and they had the claw game YEA YEA! Lets just say 10,000 won later, I had nothing to show for it. A few close calls though..boooo-urns... I had to make myself leave! Anne was angry for both of us ahahhaaa! Darn you Korean crane games! Why do you continue to elude me?!?!?

1st Shop of Coffee Prince
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There was a k-drama I really enjoyed watching called 1st Shop Coffee Prince. I wanted to visit the set and it was near Hongik University, so asked Anne if we could go together. First we headed to the pharmacy to get me some medicinal cream and meds. Thank you Anne for helping me! The pharmacist told us to keep walking straight and finally we found it. I took pics like a fangirl and then we sat down for some coffee which was hella expensive, but it was an experience! I had an iced latte and Anne had a caramel machiatto YAY! ^___^

Balicat Cafe
Anne had to go to work, so I walked around...intending to do a bit of shopping. I came across a place called Balicat Cafe. It was full of collectible cats made of all sorts of materials. The owner's cats were also there and very affectionate. He let me take pics of the cafe and I also took a pic of the high-tech toilet ahahaha. There were cat paintings, wooden cats, a post-it wall display where people had left msgs. Seriously, it was really interesting. You'll see in my pics, when I upload them! I bought a few things as well~

Bitten By Another Type of BUG
I was bitten by the shopping bug. Of course since it was in a university area, there were a lot of trendy jewellery and I kinda went a bit nuts and dropped some serious cash...the stuff was just too cute to pass up!! I was also taking pics of different grafitti around the area. I think I shopped enough for three days worth of shopping...yipes O_O....I'm on vacation..that's allowed! ahahahhaa I spent $100 in one store alone...oh my gosh, but it was worth it! My budget for the next two days is shot to h-e-double hockey sticks! I must do touristy things and save not spend ahhahahaa. I had dinner at Omuto Tomato...a Japanese restaurant. Yes, I know, I should have had black noodles...but it would really be too lonely since no one else would be there....

Tomorrow I'm meeting Helena & Agnes YAY! Hope you're all doing well!


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