Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SEOUL Searching Pt. 4-2: Song & Jin, Galbi & Noraebang (Karaoke)

DAY 4 continued...

Briefly Namdaemun
I didn't want to waste time by going back to the guesthouse before meeting up with my friends, Song and Jin so I passed by Namdaemun Market. I wanted to check out the jewellery shops, but those stores were closing up by the time I got there, so I made a mental note to come earlier next time.

Quickly went shopping at one of the stores at Myeongdong, since Song's cd shop (CT Records) is right around there. I bought a t-shirt and a hoodie. The girl who was working there was very nice. She was trying so hard to communicate with me as she thought I was Korean at first. She was very apologetic but I told her in my limited Korean that it was ok. I asked for her opinion on some of the clothes I was trying and she was quite helpful. Haha she told me I had pretty eyes and she gave me a baseball cap as a gift.

Galbi with Song & Jin
I met Song at his store and he asked me what I wanted to eat. I told him I had a craving for galbi and he said we would eat it then. Jin arrived shortly after and we headed off. When Jos and I were in Korea last time, we had ramyeon with Song and Jin and their friends. It was nice to see them again. Jin speaks really good English so he was translating a lot for Song hahaa... I kept teasing Song, b/c I know he knows some English, but b/c Jin is there he just asks him to translate all the time haha. Song had to go back to check on the store, since Jin Young was running it while he was out with us.

We had really yummy galbi and Jin and I drank Cass beer, but Song was working, so he didn't drink. We caught up and Jin told me how he is working for a tourism company right now. Song is still with his girlfriend :D We joked that he would be the first one of us married. They asked me about my quest aahahaha

Noraebang - Karaoke!!
I asked Jin if we could go for Noraebang and he agreed. Song said he'd check on the store and come meet us. ahhaa we ended up karaoking for over 2 hours!! Song came for a while and then had to go back. They both have great voices. They asked me what I wanted them to sing and they sang two songs for me! Bo Go Ship Da (I Miss You), which is like the only Korean song I know all the words to and Sarang Hamnida (I Love You). We sang a mixture of Korean and English songs. I sang a lot!!!...which I don't do that often b/c I'm usually in a group and the only place I don't care if I sing or not, is in the shower ahahaha. Jin had it right on the nose when he said Korea is my second home. It feels like it. I feel really comfortable and I'm so happy to hang out with the friends I made here.

Jin and I were so tired by the end of those over 2 hours hahahaha... Jin Young came to meet us and we went for drinks and snacks. They took me to a place that was famous for battered vegetables and we had korean pancakes again. We talked about work, relationships and other random stuff. Good times and a lot of laughter!! They are so awesome. They really treated me well! I didn't pay for anything the whole night, they always poured my drinks and put food on my plate! Why aren't these guys married?!?! ahahaha. They made sure I got home safe and came with me in the taxi and then headed out for more drinks, as I was too tired to continue had been a really long day!

I haven't even started packing my stuff away, since I want to take pics of everything! I had wanted to finish the next journal, but this one took a while and ppl are waiting for the comp. So i'm still two behind, but they will come eventually!

Later peeps! The next journal is about hanging out with Anne, too much shopping and my battle with my mosquito bite!! I hate bites!!

-Sam ^__^

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