Thursday, August 11, 2011

CONTEST! Sam & Jos: Where We At?

originally sent May 10/11
Howdy Doody Mes Amies!

Some of you know that Josie and Sam are skipping town and some of you don't....SURPRISE! You have no idea how hard it has been for us to keep this a secret!! You won't see us hanging around Koreatown, J-Town, Chinatown or Little Italy or Little India etc etc. We will be gone from Sun. May 8th until Sun. May 22nd. It's a short-ish one!

I will post the picture(s) and if you guess where we are get...a NON-chachka prize! YEA YEA!

chachka: n. Slang. A cheap showy trinket.

Instead of getting "a cheap showy trinket" you get...."a cheap useful trinket"!! and of course bragging rights!

1. If you already know or find out before we leave - SORRY TOUGH BOOBOOS! You will not be eligible for a prize.
2. There are 4 destinations. One guess per person per day (for each destination) starting when the first round picture(s) is/are for that destination is posted.
3. Contest for each destination ends when the FIRST person guesses that destination correctly.
4. You MUST specify: city, country
5. One winner per destination (because I ain't rich, yo!)
6. You must guess ONLY BY EMAIL. We will NOT accept guesses on facebook~
WHY, you ask? 'Cuz we can't be spending all our vacation indoors on the computer! LOL.
7. Picture(s) will be posted on my blog: and on facebook!
8. You can speculate all you want before we leave (as some of you have!)...we will not confirm anything until we are there! ^__^ PLUS, finding out early means that you are no longer eligible for the prize!

Once someone has guessed the destination, I will be sending out the travel journals ^___^ Yay!

If you don't want the travel spammage, please let me know and I will take you off the list. I won't take offense since I know you are all busy with your own lives. I mostly write these for myself but I know some of you like to read them. If you want me to travel spam your other email address instead, let me know...

Hope all of you are well!

Your buddies,

Sam & Jos

P.S. Pls forward to whoever I missed! Sorry I couldn't tag you all~

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