Thursday, August 11, 2011


originally posted May 15/11


Hello Breakfast! We had a very lovely breakfast. There was so much to
eat we had to survey the table before choosing what we wanted. We
started off with Cava (champagne) again, and had other drink options
such as orange juice, tea, coffee and soy milk. There was a selection
of bread, warm croissants, cheese, meats, fresh fruits (strawberries,
kiwi, pineapple) and a lot more. I had plain yogurt that I mixed with
berry jam, bread with brie and berry jam, bread with cheese and
proscuitto...basically I'm carbo overdosing...the food is just too

Our hosts were so generous and friendly. Matteo offered to mail our
postcards and called us a taxi to take to the station. While I worked
on the 3rd journal, Jos realized that her lock wasn't working. She had
put her passport and wallet inside just to be on the safe side when we
went back to Barcelona. We both tried numerous times with the
combination, but nothing worked. Matteo and his friend tried to help
out without success and then Matteo translated on paper for us, how to
say my lock is broken. Where can I go to cut it..or something along
those lines. When the taxi buzzed up, we said our goodbyes. Matteo and
Koyola were the most friendly hosts we have encountered so far. We
told them that we'd recommend their B&B to our friends.


While we were at the train station, Jos went to get us sandwiches and
drinks for the ride. I took both the luggage and walked around the
station. I picked up a few things, as I didn't want to leave Valencia
without buying anything. Got Jos a pair of earrings as part of her
birthday gift and a scarf. Our train was late and finally we were on
our way. People laughed as we struggled to get our luggage in the
upper compartment above the seating. We were laughing too. Our
luggages aren't heavy (yet) but they are big, so they were quite a


Jos got us to our accomodation very easily. We arrived in the evening.
Our host greeted us and showed us around It is a very nice place and
really has the authentic B&B style to it. Tony told me that he and his
wife opened this B&B in 1992 and it was one of the first ones in
Barcelona. We walked around the neighbourhood and then went back home
to get our stuff. We decided that today we would try to catch the
Magic Fountain show we had missed before and shop at the Arena. Jos
and I got through a few floors and then we had to eat because we were
hungry. Jos suggested we go to the top. There was a wonderful view and
we walked around the circle. We could see Montjuic where the fountain
and the Museum of Catalonian Art from there as well. The food prices
weren't that bad so we chose a scenic view and watched the fountain
show from there. An event was going to at the entrance - I think it
was like a car show. The Magic Fountain's music could be heard from
where we were and the it lit up in numerous colours and danced to the

We had two orders of pasta, wine and panacotta. I love panacotta so I
was very happy to eat it. After that we tried to go to the fountain
but they had blocked it off for that event. BOOOOO. We went home to
get some rest as tomorrow is going to be a full day of museums.

Buenos noches!

-Sam & Jos

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