Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where in the world are D2? Pt 2: Valencia

originally posted May 10/11
The winner of the Destination Contest #1 is Dave L who got the
right answer in 2 mins. That´s right, kids. This contest is only for
the SUPERCOMPETITIVE! Good on the rest of you who have guessed right
so far! We´ve enjoyed reading the guesses! The travel journals plus
some photos will eventually be posted on my travel journal blog (which
includes all past travels):


Buenos Dias! Woke up at 6:30am - Jos was already awake. Finished
typing the travel journal. Jos ate breakfast while I packed my stuff.
We took the 8am first class on Renfe to our second destination. We
arrived and got off the train. As we exited the station, we were
greeted by the lovely architecture of the city. Our accomodation for
the next two day, Westin Valencia, wasn´t that hard to find. We were
welcomed by Cesar, who poured us refreshing citris water that he made.
Jos opted the deluxe suite with a king'sized bed. Our room is very
nice with a king sized bed. Our room is very nice with a separate
shower and tub, as well as a separate toilet and bidet. The hotel
gardens, restaurants and gardens are also beautiful. After Cesar gave
us information on teh hotel and city´s attractions, he recommended two
restaurants: La Pipica & La Marcelina.


I can´t recall ever eating paella. If I did, I probably never ate any
that were good enough to remember. This statement is no longer valid!
Cesar booked us a terrace table at La Marcelina. We had the sangria,
salad, fresh shrimp and the best paella EVER! Jos says all the paella
she´s had in the past has been fake. hahaha. You all know that Jos and
I are foodies - Jos even more so. We will post pics of the paella. I
literally had to stop myself from inhaling it, so I could savour each
bite. We finished our meal with homemade creme caramel. Lunch totaled
67 euros, but it was well worth it. I´d do it again if I could...well
I can...but I won´t because there are other eateries to explore! Jos
and I had planned to eat our way through Spain & I do believe we are
well on our way.

After eating, we hadead straight for the beach. Dipped our feet in the
water, walked along the shoreline and finally settled on a tanning
spot. The weather is perfect. THe sun is hot & cool wind is rolling
off the waves. I am hesitant to leave. Jos has gone to get drinks and
attempt to shop. Imagine that...Jos has not shopped yet! I am sitting
on the sand writing the journal and taking in the wonderful scenes
which include the crazy topless man in jeans who is rolling around in
the sand laughing so loud I can hear him from far away. I hope he
doesn´t get heat stroke! There were guys kicking a ball around and we
have also been approached by numerous people peddling their wares and
services like massages and accupuncture?!?! Despite this, I have
really enjoyed today. This is what vacation should be like - a nice
day on the beach!


Yes, it says PIRATE and no, its not what you think. I know you´re all
very We bumped into a Canadian couple on our way
back from the beach. The man actually serves the Canadian Navy, but
volunteered to go to Afghanistan. We started talking politics and he
is from Vancouver. He told us that when he went to vote there was a
Pirate Party listed. That´s HILARIOUS! Oh Canada....


Went back to drop our beach gear at our place and headed back out to
shop. Unfortunately Jos´ shopping drought continues, as she didn´t buy
anything at the beach. We walked around the old Valencia and checked
out the shops. Jos wanted to go to Berksha but the bigger one closed
Valencia´s architecture is just so picturesque. We had a strange
encounter in the square though when a bazillion birds started flying
all around like a natural disaster was heading our way.


Jos and I barely survived this place. Our eyes were simply bigger than
our stomachs. We ordered two much and I didn´t know how to ask for a
doggie bag so I just pointed at it and said "to casa"? Yeah I know its
horrible. I´m working on it. We asked her how to say it and I already
forgot. Jos ate tomato and garlic salad and veal steak. I had ham
croquettes and pork steak. Yeah...too much..too good!

We are in Valencia until Fri 13th....then we´re back in Barcelona.
Contest will continue on the 18th, when we travel to the next
destination. Until then, you get travel journal spam and hopefully
some pictures when we don´t have to pay an arm and a leg for wireless
internet....jeezz....5 star hotels...SUPERAWESOME in so many ways
except for internet.


- Sam & Jos

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