Monday, April 29, 2013


Good Morning from Seoul!

Whaaaa?! Yes, I'm in Seoul right now! I'll be here until May 1st and then heading to the Kansai area of Japan and a few other places. Get ready to be spammed...if you don't wanna get the various emails, let me know.

Anyway the reasons for this trip are:

1. Happy 30th to myself 2. Fulfilling a lifelong dream: Visiting Sadako's statue in Hiroshima and leaving paper cranes there 3. Live life to the fullest 4. As I told customs.."Freak my parents out" worry about the S. Korea part, but it's all good 5. Stick to my motto of LIVE. LOVE. TAKE RISKS. REGRET NOTHING.

So yes, the airport stories consist of almost leaving my knapsack in Narita b/c I was charging my phone and a dude stood in front of it covering it...realized when I was in line to board that my shoulders were unnaturally feeling light. LOL!

I did a good deed and switched seats with an elderly Japanese couple who wanted to sit together. I think they were surprised that I spoke back to them in Japanese and they were grateful...and so cute! So, I ended up sitting in the middle of two dudes. One was really nice, but no husband yet! kekeke Tried to watch some films...saw the Oz one...Major that one! Watched The Impossible and cried a ton...good thing the lights were out. My limobus to the guesthouse wasn't such a simple trip b/c my driver missed my stop, so I had a 40 min detour, but I got there eventually. Ahhh nothing more exciting than being exhausted and navigating at night on the streets of Seoul.

Guest house ended up giving me a bunk bed room with my own washroom and tub to myself! Shweeet!

Managed to contact my friend Robin last night, who just recently opened a guest house 1 min away from me. We are scheduled to drink it up tonight...oh dear! Ended my night talking briefly to my-chan and then having a tall can of Hite beer with some food and chips.

Now it's 8:50am and I will be heading out to shop my butt off and try to locate some of my other buddies.

Off I go, update ya'll later!

-Sam ^___^

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