Monday, April 29, 2013


This could seriously become a non-photo vacation...:S Hopefully in Japan I can upload them...

Note #1: S. Korea is land of the FREE for shopping in beauty shops! They constantly give customers free samples, just for going into the stores and then when you spend money they give you free samples for that too. I bought ONE bottle of nail polish and got a box for 20 cotton make-up pads and some other samples. I only really spent $1.50...

Note #2: For the ladies who love beauty products beware of what you buy, b/c that stuff is freakin' heavy yo! be mindful that you gotta lug that stuff and pass the customs' luggage weight!

EHWA WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY This is the place to shop for clothes, accessories and whatever! How do the university women even focus on classes when there is a shopping paradise here?!!? Got some clothes and earrings. I only brought 4 tops on this trip, so I literally had to buy clothes LOL.

It was actually hot, so I was wearing sunglasses and a sleeveless blouse and I was shopping some random sales lady ran her hand down my arm and said, "ohhh summer!" RANDOM YO! She was just being friendly, but it kind of caught me off guard. Spent a long time at Cottiny buying earrings because they were all nice. ( Also, I got a free pair b/c of my purchases.

LE BUNNY BLEU ( I fell in love with this store. I've never wanted to buy a whole collection of shoes before but it happened! I literally wanted to say, I'll take them all. The sales ladies were letting me try on everything and I took a pic of the best ones. No, I didn't buy them all... but I did get three. Pics to come when I can find a dang computer that will let me upload them.

IT AIN'T AN ARCADE, BUT I WON! I was at one of the beauty stores and noticed they had a crane game. You know what that means right? Sam is gonna play that game. I got a free token from the counter and won some random skin treatment sample thingies.

VENDOR FOOD and DBS PIGEONS Somehow one forgets/ignores a rumbling stomach while in the midst of shopping. I stopped at a food vendor along the side of the main road and got bbq chicken and onion skewers. I dragged my shopping bags to a seating area and while I was eating OH LUCKY ME...the ahjumma (middle-aged lady) beside me decides to throw some bread and all of a sudden the pigeon plague descends!! @___@ While shooing them away I spill bbq sauce on my pants and ended up relocating away from the pigeon ahjumma. Oh well...I'll have to wash these pants...good thing they were black?

AGNES UNNIE I was able to reach Agnes unnie earlier in the day. My emails were sent back to me, but Helena unnie gave me her number via email. She was really surprised I was there and said she would come meet me tonight. Ahh but she works 1 1/2 hours away, so she ended up coming really late. I felt bad but it was really nice to see her! We ate bbq pork ribs. Really delicious! We laughed about our memories of my other trips like hiking up the mountain for 2 hours looking for a Buddhist temple, on a smoldering day and ran out of water and shade. LOL. If I survived that I can survive anything!

Afterwards, she left and I went back to the guesthouse and arranged some of my luggage. Wanted to take a bath but got too tired.

Hope all of you are doing well! ^__^

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