Monday, April 29, 2013


Cinderella SAM-urai made it home before midnight! Today was a busy day!

As some of you may have read last night, I got soju sodrunk and woke up this morning at 5am still wearing last night's clothes LOL. I took an advil, changed and went back to sleep. I swear advil prevents my hangovers!


Called Anne to confirm arrangements. She asked what I wanted to eat and we decided on dakgalbi! :) I love that stuff! We went to Apgujeong to eat and the food was quite delicious. Will upload photos later. After that, we walked around the area. We ended up at a store and there was a candy/toy dispenser inside. If someone puts 500 won in, it dispenses an egg-like container which can contain discounts of 5,000won, 10,000 won, 20,000 won, 30,000 won, free clothes or free headphones.

I was really interested in trying my luck to win the headphones (w/c I found out later, were unavailable) so I changed some money. Anne thought it would be a waste of money, but I had this feeling...I used a 500 won coin and gave Anne the other one. She won 30,000 won off and I won a FREE SHIRT! Heck yeahhh!

While we were shopping around, I was looking out the store window we were in and I saw a tall Asian dude, dressed with a white shirt, black blazer and black pants. There was something about him, that made me think he was a celebrity and then I knew right away. It was Chansung from 2PM! He was directing his manager's van to a nearby store. I couldn't help my curiosity. We went over to the store just to peek, he left soon after coming out from the back and walked right by us. He seemed in a frustrated mood, so I didn't bother doing anything like taking a photo or trying to talk to him. I'm from Toronto, yo! We don't stalk celebs...we just acknowledge...there's a with life!

Yeah...I tried to break in some shoes I bought the other me a blister and since my feet were sore, I bought a pair of toms to rest my footsies. Good investment!

Thanks Anne for lunch and midday snacks! Hanging out with you is always part of my visits!


After I separated from Anne, I went home to shower. It had been a hot day and I couldn't stop sweating...not to mention, I had also worn my shirt backwards the entire day!!..luckily it wasn't obvious. I was planning to meet the oppas at 7:30pm. When I got there, slightly late, Song oppa was there :)

He told me Sean oppa had waited since 7pm and just left a short while ago. OOOPS! I thought we were meeting at 7pm! My bad! Song oppa called him back and he and Jinyoung oppa met me to eat. Song oppa had to work so he couldn't come to eat. He looks so different with his hair a lighter colour, short and straightened.

We took a taxi and the old man driver kept turning around to look back at me and smiling at every stop. He told them in Korean that I was pretty and according to Jinyoung oppa, he said I looked like a good Korean wife...whatever that means @__@ LOL! I told the driver no, that's not true but he disagreed. I tuned him out after that...yipes! Jinyoung oppa was sitting in the front, so the driver kept talking to him and I focused on my catching up with Sean oppa.

We went to a place that has really fresh tasting beer. Can't remember the name at the moment. Beer hits me faster, so I only finished a glass and a half and the oppas drank the rest for me.

I had to use the washroom and there was dramarama in there. Two ladies arguing, the younger one crying and upset. I tried to get around them, but they were both caught up in the drama. Later on, the older lady came out and 4 younger guys were trying to calm her down. On top of that at some point another random lady was fighting/beating a guy in the man's washroom, while another guy tried to pull her out of there. Jesus!! Ladies gotta stop drinking to the point where they get crazy like that!! I offered to get as drunk as them and cause a scene too, but thankfully the oppas declined. kekeke

They decided to make sure I got home before midnight. We communicated in English, Korean and Japanese LOL. When we were leaving I tried to pay, but Sean oppa had his card out quickly and Jinyoung oppa gently pushed/pulled me out of the door and told me Sean was paying. Ahhh this happens every time! They are such nice guys! I really feel taken care of when I hang out with them. They dropped me off at the station. I always look forwarding to meeting with them and glad we could arrange something :) Thanks for a nice time guys! Til we meet again!

Big hug to those who actually read this long entry!

-Sam ^__^

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