Monday, April 29, 2013


Hey Ya'll,

Hope all is well wherever you are!


So yesterday was "find/contact my friends day." I went to Sunny's store Nanishow in Insadong, but found out she sold the store. She is actually living in Australia now but is coincidentally in Korea right now because she's getting married. Dunno, if I'll be able to meet her but I left her a gift. The new owner is one of her friends and I became friends with an employee there named Sujin. She is supernice and even treated me for breakfast. Bought a bunch of stuff there - actually, I always put aside money specifically for that store!

Ok, you read "eating poo" right? They have a special bread there that is in the shape of cartoon poo. Yup ate some of that! Kehehehe. It was good, but so random yo!!

Next stop was Myeongdong. I had tried to contact Song oppa who owns a music store in the station, but my emails came back. It has been 3 years since I last saw him, so I was unsure if he was still there. Lucky it was!! It was also surrounded by a bajillion fangirls buying stuff. I squeezed inside to see that Jinyoung oppa was there.

I don't know why, but I always think that if I haven't been to Korea in a while my friends my forget who I am. We only ever really keep in touch when I visit...but Jinyoung oppa remembered me even before I had to remind him. The funny thing is, he is so shy to use English and my Korean is limited for long conversations, but ironically we can communicate in Japanese better. LOL. He called Sean oppa, who I confused for Song oppa and we arranged to meet tonight for dinner. Song oppa was working in an office in another location, so I didn't get to see him but I'll see him today.


Not much to say about this other than I blew a hole in my wallet...all the Skin Food products and Etude are killing my suitcase and my wallet! I didn't even shop for clothes yet...oh dear...

I ate at a homemade noodle place. I don't remember the name but I took a photo. There are only 4 things on the menu and there was a line-up before and after I ate there. Plus they kept stuffing me with fresh kimchi. I had the handmade noodle soup with dumplings inside. They also sell a dumpling dish, spicy noodles and another dish.


I had made plans with Robin to meet at 8:30pm and so I met him at Seoul 53 Hotel, of which he is a part owner now. He said he'd give me a discount next I visited :) They literally just opened.

We went out for BBQ and soju of course. We caught up and had tons of fun, but soon the soju hit me like a ton of bricks. Then I was ordering pitchers of Asian martinis (water). LOL. Robin made sure I was okay and kept telling me to drink more water. We met up with his friend Elaine and we ate fried chicken and they had beer while I drank more H20. Robin's hyung also came and hung out with us for a bit. They all walked me home and then took a taxi.

I'm really lucky to have made such good friends here.

Now I gotta go, so have a nice day everyone.

-Sam ^__^

p.s. sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes. don't have time to doublecheck!

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