Monday, August 17, 2009



Upon leaving, I almost passport! whoops

We got to the airport on time, but the lines were long. Our plane was delayed b/c of a family...two rambunctious, spoiled children, two car seats, an unwanted mom and a high-in-demand father... Jos and I slept majority of the flight and I watched SURF'S UP. Transferred in San Fran which was somewhat confusing b/c it was really big and we had to get to the International Terminal. We went to a Mexican restaurant and we were supposed to eat light, but my meal looked like it could have fed two. We were enjoying our fruity drinks and I went to use the washroom. I suddenly heard our last name on the speaker. I thought, there might be other DIZONS...but then I heard J and SD. They boarded us pretty quickly. Everything went pretty well...we watched some movies, slept a lot too. There were many children crying ever so often. Flight was delayed in letting us out....

Bus took forever b/c of fireworks and some event that happened with a lot of people. We landed half an hour late and didn't get to Namsan until 1030pmish. T---------T When we got here, we were told that our room was taken...major boo....the manager was called and it will be fixed tomorrow we hope.

We met up with our cousin Janelle at around midnight. We bought some booze and snackies and headed right to the SOJU TENT! OH YEAH!! We ate dumplings, kimchi pancakes, fish and broth. We are enjoying drinking the beers for now...tomorrow is soju time. We told Janelle to come stay over with us because it's late anyways. Been a long time since we hung out and did a sleepover. So funny that we are seeing each other more often in another country when we were all living in Toronto. After eating and drinking, we bought more stuff at the convenience store and headed up the hill. We talked, laughed watched some k-tv and drank more. We went into the computer room to get on the internet, and an old Japanese man, kept coming out and yelling at us for the noise..although we weren't making a lot of noise. Finally went to sleep, without finishing the email... so that's why I'm emailing now...

extremely short, eh? [canadian accent] don't get used to it...i'll write longer ones soon!

p.s. if you don't want these emails, pls say so and i'll take you off the email list....hugs for those who keep reading!
p.p.s. can someone pls post for my page buddies and anyone else I forgot?!?!?! i have to get the emails from chris...i forgot them at home
p.p.p.s. it's taking forever to send this...crapnards...i don't see anything wrong with the address

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