Monday, August 17, 2009

Ireland Pt. 6

Ireland Pt. 6

DAY 5...continued

Dinner & Music
Talked to Rhoda about making calls and met her chocolate lab, Lottie - very affectionate, playful and chewed on my shoe. She also brought me one of her chew toys. Dinner was wonderful. I ate deep fried Galway prawns, steak with side of mashed potatoes and veggies. Wexford strawberries and ice cream. (Forgot to mention that the night before I had a exotic fruits in a baby pineapple with banana ice-cream..yumyum) After dinner went to the bar for more music and had an AMAZING Irish coffee! Soooo good! Cheers to Barb :)

One of the same musicians and another guy were playing. They were hilarious in between songs. Much centered on the fact that no one was brave enough to sit in the seats right in front of them haha. Asked if any Canadians were present. Asked us from where. Joked that everytime someone asks where in Canada, ppl always say Toronto. Also joked about the wonderful weather and people getting heatstroke. He said that a whole generation of Irish children have never seen the sun...what's that big ball of light in the sky? haahha

We laughed so much because they just kept cracking jokes. We headed back to pack for the next day's departure.


Rhoda gave us the choice of having omelettes in the morning so I had a ham and cheese and Pat had spinach and feta. They were really delicious. Rhoda called us a taxi and we took a bus from the station to Cork city centre. The bus which was supposed to be..guess...another 2 1/2 hours was longer haaha. We took a cab to the B&B after inquiring about some tours...cabbie got lost, but we arrived. Jane had set up two single rooms for us, as we had given her short notice about booking the extra day. It's very comfy and relaxing here. They are really nice.

We went downstairs and the sidewalks are really wide. The River Lee goes through the city and we actually saw some interesting characters here...bits of Parkdale in fact on the less busy streets hahaha. We hit the tourism office, got some souvenirs and found out more about some good day tours. We decided to take the tour going to Kenmare and Killarney. They are two stops on the Ring of Kerry. It would take longer for us to do it justice, so some is better than none. I'll update you on that tour tomorrow. We're pretty drained from the tour and we have another one tomorrow. Cork city is good as a hub to go to other places in Cork county.

Relatively short update huh? Tomorrow will probably be longer because we did a lot today. The trip from Kerry back to Dublin, is going to be killer long...gotta turn on the narco for sure...

Lator Gators,


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