Monday, August 17, 2009

Ireland Pt. 7

Ireland Pt. 7

the adventures continue...


I had a nice chat with Jane and Paddy yesterday. They offered to let me use their internet and phone for free. How nice! So I tried calling home, but no luck, so I left a pretty long msg.

We had scrambled eggs inthe morning and left early for our tour to Kenmare and Killarney, which are part of the Ring of Kerry. Our guide's name is Don O'Brien. He gave us some history about Cork City and it's buildings. Drove through macroom and when we first got off the bus, it was to take pictures at a Druid's circle. Our next stop was Ladys View for scenery pics of the Killarney Lakes. We went to Kenmare and shopped in the little stores instead of focusing on the sites...not enough time. Bouth an amazing coronation chicken wrap which I ate on the bus.

Muckross Estate, Killarney
Next we went to Killarney National Park which is gorgeous. The purple mountains were beautiful! We went to Muckross Abbey, instead of the estate. What a good choice, b/c it was awesome. On the way there, a young man came by on his horse and cart and gave us a free ride to the abbey. SCORE! It was fun and his horse was really well trained. The abbey had a mysterious feel too it and I was glad we were able to see it. On our way back to the main area, we walked by some army people training.

We made it to the gift shop before we left. Drove to Killarney City Centre. Pat and I walked around the town . We drove through some other towns as well...can't remember all of them. Were dropped off at the city centre at around 5:30pm. We window shopped for a while before having dinner at Pembroke Hotel's restaurant. Food was delicious and the price was great, as it was an early bird special. Walked around and stumbled on Debenham's dept. store sale. Bought a shirt and watch. Walked up the hill back to the B&B - quite a workout! Jane and Paddy lent me their cordless phone to call home...which I did at 5:30am in the morning the next day.

Tomorrow's tour is very busy, so I'll send it in the next installment. Places to go and not enough time. At this moment, we are in the Dingle Peninsula...very western point of southern Ireland. Will update later..

Until the next adventure!

- Sam

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