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Ireland Pt. 4: Jail Time

Ireland Pt. 4: Jail Time

Before I write another novel to all of you, please let me know if you don't want to receive these emails. I know everyone's busy and you already get loads of emails. I won't take any offense at all, so holla if you don't want me spamming your inbox (I know you'll still like me anyway :D)

DAY 3 - MAY 11 - WICKLOW continued...

Those of you have read these emails / seen my pics before, know that I love taking pictures of food. I haven't done as much this trip because my camera battery is out...but we're figuring something out. Anyway we ended up at The Bakery restaurant which was supernice. We had chicken with savoy cabbage and peppers in a gravy sauce, which came with two plates of sides - veggies and potatoes. There was live jazz music. An older couple talked to us about their trip to Canada. The couple on the others ides had a really happy baby who was laughing and jumping and holding my hand.

After that, we were sent to jail...more like we sent ourselves there?!? I told you we'd need to be bailed out!! We wanted to see historic Gaol in Wicklow and I've been calling it ga-ol. Gaol is actually "jail" ahahahha. The gaol was built in the 1700s and the gates of hell inside are still sturdy!! We made it for the last tour and were guided by the gaoler. There was a little kid on the tour who was terrified of the statues. The gaoler told us about the prisoners and their sentences like getting hanged for stealing a horse or speaking french. We walked in and out of cells, but there was one I refused to go inside because it was so dark and suffocating. A lot of people were punished by being sent to Australia or other places. We went into the yard and the walls were superhigh - no way I could escape unless I climbed the pipe onto the roof and maybe jumped. After the tour we left. Gift shop was closed and the library was closed as well. Went back to internet cafe to confrim bookings.

Walked to black castle which is ruins. Shoreline was beautiful! Climbed up to the ruins and I can see it as a good place to sit, think and relax. Would have liked to take a few pics, but cam was dead. Pat's been really nice, sharing her camera with me. Decided if we can't find an adapter, we'll buy disposable cams. Went down to the shoreline where two kayakers were. A woman showed up in an interesting get-up. At first I thought she was just wearing a sheer top, with a white bra, but she stripped to a bikini - demanding the attention of the kayakers. Pat and I tried not to laugh out so loud. She dove into the water for a minute or two...said something to the kayakers and then left.

Didn't see the whole thing because I was looking for rocks/stones. After tha, went back to the B&B to rest for a bit.

We went out to drink. I had 2 1/2 pints of Guinness. I like it a lot more here. Bartender was cute and kept winking at me, but that's probably what he does all the time. When I went for my last 1/2 pint. I also tried to order a screwdriver. The other bartender teased me, "you again?"

I ordered my 1/2 pint and asked for the screwdriver and said vodka and orange juice. Looked confused and made a driving motion and laughed and so did I. My regular bartender came over, said he never heard of the drink but would make it anyway. He put it in a martini shaker and shook it haha. Gave me a wink and change. Bar closed around 12am...we are shocked.. The other bartender came by our table. I said soemthing about the screwdriver and he laughed again. On our way out, said thanks to the bartender and he waved goodbye. We are still in shock about how early they closed.

Will update you on today's events tomorrow. I have to go, but we're in Kilkenny right now and this place rocks!


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