Monday, August 17, 2009

Installment 18: Harajuku & Italian

Installment 18: Harajuku & Italian

Morning Sickness
No, I'm not preggers. I woke up feeling the sickest I've been thus far. I had a headache and a sore throat with a stuffy nose. I know my body when it's like this. I felt kind of disoriented too. It was our last full day in Tokyo, so I forced myself out. Jos and I left the house at around 230ish. Jos wanted to go for shabu shabu again, but by the time we got there, the restaurant was closing until dinnertime. We decided to go straight to Harajuku and eat there. We took the omotesando exit and was surprised to see that the JE store had no line-up. They stopped Jos from taking a picture of the store, but let her take a picture of the billboard. I spent way too much money...again...

Some Italian?
Jos and I were pretty hungry at this point and decided on a pasta restaurant. We both ordered the same thing which was pasta with shrimps and sadly, (I didn't see it in the picutre) mushrooms. Jos ate miund, but I could still taste a bit of it in the sauce. I sucked it up and ate it anyway. The salad was good. We made our own milk tea with tea, liquid sugar and milk. The dessert was good. I ate a chocolate cake with ice cream. Jos had a cream caramel.

Waiting for Mellers
After we ate we walked around a bit and found a lot of thrifty and second hand stores. We found a nice hat shop and shopped a bit. I called Mellers and we arranged to meet at GAP. While we waited for her, we saw four girls on the corner dressed in Halloween gear. Mellers arrived and we headed off to the main shopping in Harajuku.

Harajuku Shopping
Mellers and I warned Jos that it would be impossible to not buy anything in Harajuku. I was actually good and Jos pretty good too. We shopped around pretty fast, because the stores were closing at 8pm. We took more sticker pictures and then we made our way out. Then Jos reminded me that I didn't get my haircut.

Mellers filled out my form to cut my hair. Then I convinced Jos to get a haircut too. The both of us convinced Mellers to cut her hair as well. So we all got haircuts. Jos and I gave full freedom to our stylists, short of shaving our heads. Jos' stylist asked her if she'd been to a host club. We all laughed but then seriously started considering doing that. Mellers had never been to one and what better way to end our trip? Jos and Mellers finished their hair before I did and they continued to talk about the host club. We paid for our haircuts and then our stylists escorted us out.

Dinner at La Boheme
I believe that is the name of the restaurant. Feel free to correct me Mellers. We went to the restaurant that Mellers works at and ate like crazy. We had avocado, wasabi, crab salad...calamari, chirisso (i don't know how to spell that), margherita pizza and one plate of pasta each. Because I wasn't feeling too great I couldn't finish my food. We had a great time and it's clear the staff loves Mellers, b/c everyone made it a point of saying hello and talking to us. Dinner was great!

As for the host club...well...what happens in Tokyo stays in Tokyo MUAHAHHAHAHAHA

I fell asleep in the taxi on the way home. Jos and Mellers could tell I was pretty sick. They helped me along. Went to sleep with my jacket on.

We are leaivng in 15mins for the airport. I had a great time as always here. Lots of great memories. Now...on to Canada and frigid weather. Tomorrow it will hit 0 degrees?!?!? See you all soon. I'll finish the Philippines installments when I get back.


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