Monday, August 17, 2009

Installment 17: Sensoji Temple (Asakusa) and Halloween Party

Installment 17: Sensoji Temple (Asakusa) and Halloween Party

Sensoji Temple
Craig came by in the morning to get ready for the Halloween dress up. He had decided on Mickey Mouse's sorcerer's apprentice. Mellers was a flight attendant. Jos and I didn't have to dress up until the party. Mellers invited us to the candy exchange at SILS, but we declined, since we wanted to spend more time at the temple.

We went there and finally found zaru soba! Jos has been looking for it everywhere. Zaru soba is cold soba noodles with a soya dipping sauce and shrimp tempura. Jos was amazed at the shopping district that led to the temple. We found Chris a dress and found some other nice things. We made it to the temple and Josie and I did all the rituals. We lit the incense, poured the water, did our fortunes and made offerings. Then we bought charms.

We went back through the shopping district. I took her to the funky ice cream shop, but it was under renovations. I was really disappointed. Instead I took her for manju (fried biscuit looking thing with various fillings). We had green tea, pumpkin and sweet potato with sesame. She really enjoyed that.

We shopped more and then headed back. We got home just in time and we dressed up. Although Mellers had a witch costume for me, I ended up being an angel. Jos was Josie and the Pussycats. We met Mellers friends at Hub in Shibuya. She had a lot of ppl from her program there. Jimmy Mackey was there too. He is a former JE performer and still a celebrity in many fangirls eyes. We moved from Hub to the club where the party was being held, and stopped by Don Quixote again. Some fangirls recognized Jimmy and were squealing. He's not hard to miss..he's supertall and was dressed as a kindergarten student. Some of her other friends were dressed as 80's girls, drag queens, etc.

We went with Mellers to pick up Craig and then we lined up for the club. As we were going in, I looked up the stairs and saw Matsuda Shota!! He is an actor and is widely known as Soujiro in Hana Yori Dango (the Japanese live action version). Apparently, he bumped into Mellers and apologized. Mellers told Jos it was F4 and for some unknown reason, Jos thought it was Vanness from the Taiwanese F4. ahahahha She said the only F4 she thinks of is the Taiwanese guys.

The club was rammed. There were so many people there. Jos and I danced with Mellers and her friends for a bit. Then we moved around the club. We sat upstairs for a while and enjoyed other music and then finally found ourselves on the balcony dancing. Craig came by for a bit and then as we were dancing we saw Mellers dancing on stage with a whole lot of other people. She made eye contact with us so we were dancing from a distance too.

As the night ended, Jos and I checked out our stuff from coat check and waited for Mellers and Craig. Some dude tried to talk to me, but I just shook my head. We left the club and ran into Eugene, George and their other friend, who I had met last time I visited. We were hungry and really tired. We went to the station, ppl were staring at us and then we went to Yoshinoya. (Kind of like Matsuya.) Then we went home. Another tiring, yet fun day was done.


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