Monday, August 17, 2009

Ireland Pt. 2

Ireland Pt. 2

Good Morning Confusion
I last emailed you from Conolly Stn, and since then we got on the bus to Wicklow and were told that our accomodation in Roundwood is quite far from Wicklow. I suppose I confused Wicklow town with Wicklow Way >_< Oopsalini. We already paid for our ticket and still wanted to see Wicklow, so we got on the bus regardless. When we planned this trip, we only booked accomodations at the bigger places and we decided to just wing it for the smaller areas. m-i-s-t-a-k-e. We are totally living like the Christmas room at the inn.

We walked up a large hill to a B&B, but no one was home and the garden looked beautiful behind the house. So we headed back down to the city centre.

We found a big hotel in Wicklow, but decided to check out the tourism office. I got lost and Pat is now our navigator - not a big surprise to those who have travelled with me...i'm pretty inconsistent. Sometimes, I can navigate, but a lot of the time I get myself lost. Kudos to Pat for putting up with me. Tourist centre is closed for the weekend, but some helpful women, told us about more B&B's. We did a lot of climbing up large hills and got to a B&B which had no vacancies, but the nice guy there told us of another B&B that would likely have space. We asked for the business card and gave the other place a call. We managed to secure a room for tonight. It's a quaint place with a microwave and burners at the top.

The town is quite active and there's road traffic. We are still unsure whether we will stay more than a night here. We're trying to make sure to book the rest of our accomodations, so we don't run into more confusion. Honestly though, we got a lot of exercise and toured the town as we were looking for accomodations. We can see the water from here and we'll hit the beach before we go and also check out Black Castle (which is now in ruins).We also checked out a little market here.

I've figured out that Powerscourt and Glendalough can be day trips from Dublin... don't know if we'll go, but it might be nice to. Still figuring things out... we only know that we will be going to Cork (15th and 16th nights) and Kerry (17th and 18th nights) and lastly, Dublin (19th - our last night)...until then, we'll wing it and hope for the best. It's quite an adventure! I'm still enjoying myself and just taking everything in.

Will update you later, when we figure more of it out.

- Sam and Pat

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