Monday, August 17, 2009

Installment 6: Speedy Singapore

Installment 6: Speedy Singapore

Good Morning Singapore
Jos and I arrived at 1am in Changi airport. Once again we got cursed with a
screaming child on the plane, but we managed to get through it. We took a
taxi to Nancy's and once again the driver was not very familiar with her
address. I was able to somewhat direct him there. Nancy was already aware
that we were arriving late and had left the door unlocked. We got inside
and were greeted with a tray of water and Bailey's Chocolate Mint. Nancy is

Mauled by the Malls
We changed and slept. We woke up in the morning and Nancy cooked breakfast
and gave us a key too. We caught up and Jos got to know Nancy more. Nancy
headed to the gym and we took a cab to Orchard Road. We dove straight into
shopping. I can't say I know exactly what Jos' thoughts were on the
experience. We shopped like mad. We went to lots of malls...Paragon,
Takashimaya, Wisma, Isetan, Ngee Ann Building and Lucky Plaza. Jos asked
around about cell phones and every shop had a different quote at Lucky Plaza.
There were lots of name brands and Jos and I tried to find some Singapore

We ate at the Food Republic food court upstairs Wisma. We had beef kway
teow (sp?), suimai, har gow (w/ aloe wrapper), dumplings, shells with veggies and shrimp and crispy fried tofu. We really ate a lot. I'm full just thinking about it again.

Breaking the Piggy Bank
We continued to shop and the last mall I took Jos to, was the Hereen Mall. In my head I only remembered it as the HMV mall. I really like the shopping there b/c it reminds me of Queen St. shopping. Jos had been really good thusfar and hadn't really gone crazy shopping like she is so capable of doing. THIS MALL BROKE HER. ahhahaha

She found two places. She bought a pencil skirt from Garcon and Jean Perrie. The latter had her walking out with over $100 in spending!! I bought two things there...I'm not sure how much she bought. The person who designs the clothes is actually Japanese, but doesn't have the manpower to have a business there and instead set up shop in Singapore.

I had just been dabbling here and there buying random shirts and some trinket stuff. In one store I bought a nice, black top and a black tie with a crown on it. I really don't know why, but I was attracted to that tie. I contacted Mylia and she was unable to meet me :( It's ok. I really wanted to see the Singapore girls, but I should not expect them to clear their schedules for a one-day rush event with me. Next time, I'll have to kidnap them!

Towards the end of the shopping at Hereen, I remembered I really wanted to go to the Venetian tea house I went to before. I remembered that the cookies were way costly, but they were really good and the experience was nice. Jos and I took a cab there and when I went back the same woman was there. The place is actually called the Cookie Museum.

Tea and Foodage
She did a tea service for us and yeah...Sam dropped the big bucks for three tins of cookies. It was my treat to myself...very extravagant! After that, I brought Jos to the outdoor food court to eat. I really hope Toronto could have one like this! It is really nice, great atmosphere and yummy food.

We ate hot pot, beef satay sticks, bbq ribs, oyster omelet and we drank Chelon (sp?) which is a nice drink with beans, and other things in it. Jos was really charmed by the hot pot owner and we took pictures with her too. After that we walked through Marina Square and Suntec City.

I felt that Jos' trip would not be complete if she didn't ride the Singapore MRT. She was quite overwhelmed...and I think jetlag might have played a part too. Hahahah I haven't seen her that overwhelmed and giggly for a long time. All we did was laugh and make a ruckus! She looked so lost!!

We waited in a long taxi queue and in the morning Nancy cooked the best pancakes ever and we also had ham and bubbly. THANKS SO MUCH NANCY! It was great to see you again!


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