Monday, August 17, 2009

Sam & Pat's Excellent Adventure: Ireland Pt. 1

Sam & Pat's Excellent Adventure: Ireland Pt. 1

Hey Peeps,

We made it alright. I sat in between Pat and an Irish man who snuggled me when he slept, hahaha. Oh well. We landed at 11:30 am. Lots of friendly people here! Made it to a bus and the driver told us not to go to crazy on the Guinness. He let us off too early and whilst we were wandering lost, got helped my an older lady who told us we should take another bus a bit more. We tried to walk it, but another man said to take a cab, which we did.

Made it to Azalea and were greeted really nicely. Our accomodations are really comfortable and the beds are heavenly, so is the big chair. Anywho went back out and took a bus to the city centre. Visited Dublin Castle, Chester Beatty Library and some other placese, will explain more later, as I'm running out of time. Ate bagels, went to Trinity College...the Trinity Ball was happening so we went at a good time, as they weren't letting any more people in after us. Book of Kells was closed, but we're coming back towards the end of our trip.

We're off to Wicklow for two nights and trying to figure out things later. We realized we should have booked everything now, instead of only the big places. No rooms at a bunch of places, but we'll continue to try our luck. Will update you again soon.

Award for Best Directions go to Mr. Post Man who gave us some hilarious directions and ended with a smack on the shoulder to send me on my way.

Hope y'all are doing well!

-Sam and Pat
p.s. pls forward to whoever i missed...i'm on a tight schedule here!

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