Monday, August 17, 2009

Ireland Pt. 8

Ireland Pt. 8


First stop on the tour was to Charles Fort to take pictures. Also took pictures of Seven Heads Peninsula. Headed to Kinsale which is high in tourism and geared towards it. (Before I forget to mention, I found my other adapter, so I've been okay with taking pictures..too much in fact!!) Went to a store and the extremely friendly store owner started talking to us about our travels. He said that if we had come in the day before, around the same time, he would have driven us to Tralee, because that's where his father lives. ahhah. People are so helpful! Too bad, we couldn't take him up on the offer...instead we have to take a bus to Tralee and then another to Dingle.

We were able to take take photos of Courtmacsherry Bay and pictures at the old capital of Kinsale. It's really beautiful and what we were hoping to see and do when we came to Ireland - see the beautiful scenery. Visited Clonakilty - hometown of Irish leader and statesman, Michael Collins. Took a picture of his very charming statue, in which he looks like he's either mad or debating. Continued our costal tour through Ardfield and Red Strand, as well as the pretty village of Rathberry.

Drove past the ruins of Castlefreke, seat of the Lords of Carberry. Were able to get out, stretch our legs and do the flash happy camera thing. Ended at Timoleage and the famous ruins of it's Franciscan Abbey. Don told us about two American bombers that landed in the White Bog, instead of France, where they were supposed to be. Their pet mascot monkey, Tojo, was truly loved by the people there as well. Unfortunately poor Tojo died and was given a full military burial, and buried under O'Donovan's bar where an X marks the spot.

Dining by a Waterfall
- After the tour, we ate dinner at a restaurant beside a waterfall. It was called Greene's at it was delicious. I took a few pics to share, which you'll see later. Absolutely fabulous! Pat and I have been surprised to eat so many good meals here (although I've spent a bit more than what I had already budgeted for food, but it all works out in the end b/c I combined it with my liquor budget). To those who have travelled with me, I'm sure you remember my paperclip budgets haha!

Evening Walk
Pat and I love walking around and exploring, so we took a very long walk once we had changed at the B&B. We were able to take some really nice pics of the city. We ended our day very nicely, since we would have to wake up quite early for our bus to Tralee. Paddy woke up early to serve us breakfast, however Jane had caught a flu and wanted to spare us from it. I'll keep in touch with them for sure.

Gotta go again - sorry the emails are getting shorter. Dingle is awesome!


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