Monday, August 17, 2009

Ireland Pt. 11 - Finale

Ireland Pt. 11 - Finale


try saying that 5 times fast....

It's A Long Way To Dublin
True to their words, Barbara and Michael were up at the crack of dawn for us. We had muesli and Michael's awesome bread. Michael drove us to the bus and he helped us with our luggage and even carried and stored them in the bus for us. What a nice guy! Barbara had also packed us bananas and yogourt for the trip. They are really good hosts! I definitely want to come back and stay with them.

So today would be the longest day of travelling ever. There was no direct route from Dingle to Dublin. The closest station to Dingle was in Tralee. The rail ticket to Dublin from Tralee was 60 something euros and wouldn't save us that much we took a bus...again...ahahah. I fell asleep a few times on the way to Limerick. Once we arrived there, we had some time before the bus ride to Dublin. Lucky I can sleep anywhere, so I didn't mind as much... but still...we left Dingle at 715am and arrived in Dublin around 3 something close to 4pm!

We took a cab to Azalea Lodge from there. We were pretty wiped out, so we were happy to be greeted by Bernadette again...happy to smell the nice rooms again and the coma-enticing beds. I'm telling you, the room smells so nice and the beds are too comfy to be true. I would pay a pretty penny to have one of those beds...if I had any left!!

One Last Adventure
We decided to go to Dublin one last time. Heck, why not, seeing that we still had mid-afternoon left. We searched for some last minute gifts and food. We wandered around a lot. What else was there to do? haha. Took pictures of some sights, etc. Talked about how we didn't want to come back and wanted to continue our vacation.

It took us a while to find a good place to eat. Temple Bar, was lively, tourist-rammed and we almost got killed by the Guarda...(their police) they sped through on the sidewalk. That was a big sign that we needed to get out of there!

We went to a bookstore. Surprised? Probably not! Found two books on the Blasket Islands. Can't wait to read them. Bought a few other books too. It's a sickness... I can't stay away from them.

We ended up at a nice restaurant, with a really charming cute waiter...who wasn't Irish. He was so cuuuute. After eating we walked around for a bit, to find our bus and headed back. We re-counted the money we had left and packed our knapsacks. I'm actually bringing some money home YEA YEA!

The End of The Road
Our last night was restful. I had a good night of sleep. I really did think I could have gone comatose. Azalea Lodge wins hands down for the nicest smelling rooms and best beds. We had a lovely breakfast and then headed on our way. Bernadette said she loved the butterscotch lollies from Laura Secord. She asked whether US sold them and I told her only in Canada. It seemed like everyone else liked them too. Next time I come back, I'm bringing more of them.

Our flight left and stopped over in Shannon, where we did more shopping. Why not...hahaha I still had money. Yes, I did bring some back. 200 euros in fact. Aren't you proud? Picked up some Irish Whiskey and Irish Coffee. I love the name. Hot Irishman Irish Coffee. kekekeke. Lots of Butler's chocolates to eat too.

When we arrived in Canada, we cleared customs...though I told Pat if they pulled her over, I would ditch her. I felt that the feeling was mutual hahaha. Yes, we made it out...I brought home some goodies and though it's nice to travel, it's also nice to come home. So I'm baaaa-ck in time for my 25th...though I'm bogged down already with stuff I gotta do. I doubt you missed me, since I spammed you with all these long emails!...Just kidding. I hope to get the pictures up eventually, as my computer is still dead and we're replacing it.

So I hope to see you around. I hope you didn't get too bored. Thanks for reading through it! I lied about one thing though...I said this would be the last, but I'm sending one more...because I forgot my book with the stuff I wrote in it. So one more and then you'll be rid of me :)


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