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Ireland Pt. 3 (Ready for Reading?)

Ireland Pt. 3 (Ready for Reading?)


Battered Cod & Chips
After emailing you all we went for some foodage as we were quite hungry. The bars don't necessarily have food - they're more for drinking, I suppose. So we went to the hotel cafe/restaurant and ordered battered cod, mushed peas and chips. We had to ask for a menu ourselves, since we saw everyone else doing it and I had a Guinness too. Neither of us had mushed peas before, but they were good! We ate and relaxed and when we were ready to go I went to get the bill. It seems they have some quite young staff here as well and children run about in the bar too. Different culture, for sure! Two older ladies were having a drinking marathon. They were sipping the same drinks for over an hour, but they'd go out for smokes and come back...drink again and then smoke. Where was I? Oh yeah, the bill. The young man had trouble printing my part, perhaps, because I said fish n' chips?!?! Anyway, he finally came back and confirmed. We paid and then went back to get our sweatshirts, as it was getting a bit chilly. We went to the Super Valu and bought some fruit and snacks. We were so tempted by all the tempted....we were so interested in the snacks that we almost didn't realize they were closing! We paid and went on our way.

Today's weather was a bit muggy. It rained in the morning and a bit in the afternoon. We changed and went back out for a walk. We're staying on Church Hill at River Lodge B&B, so we decided to go up Church Hill St. We saw Wicklow Cathedral and continued to walk along the road. We basically walked a huge circle around Wicklow City (yes, I've noticed, I call it both town and city...b/c it has the town feel to it haha). We walked by the Cinebus. They are having an arts festival right now, so we could watch a movie in a bus...we might depending on the weather.

Walked up a big hill to another Cathedral. It was really beautiful and it seemed there was much more walking to be done, but it was going to get dark. We decided to head back down. We took beautiful scenery shots and then my camera died...booo....I gotta re-charge it...

Went back and made an initial plan to go back out for drinks, but we were tired, so opted to stay in and watch some television. I ended up reading my graphic novel, Civil War...which was really interesting. To our dismay, we realized that BOTH of our adapters, don't we have to find a shop with one, or no more pics :( Unless...I buy another camera!! We'll figure something out....

Eventually went to sleep....

DAY 3 - MAY 11TH

Time Warp
Today we woke up at 6am. It must have been our internal clocks or something, so we both went back to bed. I woke up again and took a shower and by the time we went for breakfast, we were told we missed it! Yipes...turns out Pat's watch and cell were one hour back....ahahhahaa. Oh well. They were nice to make us toast and give us orange juice, coffee and toast with butter/jam.

A Beautiful Day & Further Plans
Today we decided to take it easy and relax. We thought about going to Brittas Bay where the beach was. Walked in that direction as far as we could before the sidewalk stopped. We had walked outside of the city!! We walked for over an hour yea yea! The houses are BEAUTIFUL and so is the scenery. We walked uphill near the rocks, hills and water and took pictures with Pat's camera. It was so relaxing and the weather is lovely today. We're getting our exercise in this trip. We stopped by a country club/golfing club and two men were very nice in showing us where the washrooms are. They didn't even ask us if we were members (it was an only members club).

Made it back to Wicklow City and here we are at an internet cafe updating and double checking our accomodations. We scored pretty well! We'll be heading to Kilkenny tomorrow (medieval city) and the place is giving us the family room with two king size beds at the price of a twin room, since those ones have been taken! YEA YEA! We also booked an extra day in Cork and will spend that day in single rooms at the price of a twin room. Then for the two days that we had initially booked, we'll be in the twin rooms.

We'll just wing things today and make the most of our time here. Might check out Gaol, which is a historic prison and some other stuff.

So yes, here is where we were and where we'll be:

May 9 - 10 - Dublin
May 10 - 12 - Wicklow
May 12 - 14 - Kilkenny
May 14 - 17 - Cork
May 17 - 19 - Kerry
May 19 - 20 - Dublin

Pat's looking at some tour options for Cork since we'll be there for 3 days. I'm really happy with the trip so far. People are so friendly and just smile and converse with us. Looking forward to more great memories. Please cross your fingers that we find some kind of adapter, or we won't be able to take anymore photos :S

Later peeps,


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