Monday, August 17, 2009

Installment 3: Climbing mountains, Moving Guesthouses

Installment 3: Climbing mountains, Moving Guesthouses

I have been re-miss....(is that the right phrase?) anywhodanay...this is our itinerary:

Seoul from Oct 13 (6:45pm) - Oct 17 (7:45pm) 5 DAYS
Singapore Oct 18 (1:00am) - Oct 19 (1:25pm) 1 1/2 DAYS
Manila Oct 19 (4:55pm) - Oct 26 (2:20pm) 8 DAYS!!
Tokyo Oct 27 (7:30am) - Nov 1 (6:30pm) 6 DAYS

Mt. Namsan & Seoul Tower
Woke up in the morning without a hangover...shweet! We packed up all of our luggage so it would be easier for us to checkout and came to the realization that I needed to buy another luggage. Robin said that we could checkout at 1pm instead of 12pm so that I could also have time to get luggage. So, Jos and I climbed farther up the mountain to the cable cars. We got quality standing space to take pictures and when we got out we had to climb these wide and steep stairs to the top of the mountain. Of course, I re-lived the embarassment of seeing the strong, Korean seniors religiously climbing the mountain...while my youthful self took a cable car...>__< We were in a rush so we had to take the cable car up and down the mountain. We took pictures in the smoke signal area, the pagoda (gazebo?), scenery and went to some of the gift shops. When we went a bit higher we noticed all these locks on the fences surrounding. Apparently it was Couple's Day and ppl were hanging the locks. We took pics. It was really interesting!

Lugging Luggage
When we went back down we asked Robin where to buy luggage and he told us to go to Namdaemun market. I bought luggage underground and we went to the market very quickly. Btw...Josie really bargained well and saved me 10,000 won on that luggage! Visited Song one more time and took pics. He gave us more discounts. Headed back up the mountain and Robin drove us to Beewon. We made plans to meet him later for drinks. He couldn't find parking so he ended up parking right in front of the driveway. He was helping us bring our stuff in and then we heard yelling...ooops! He rushed back and we said we'd call him.

We've scored a first floor room with bunkbeds. We unpacked a bit and got ready to go back out, after using the internet. Off we went...

Ehwa Women's University
Jos and I got to Ehwa Women's University, which was fun. Bought some jewelry and other things. Jos bought some clothes and jewelry. Clothes were really cheap there, but we were running out of time! Called Robin, who told me Janelle called as well. He told her to call his cell when she was done b/c we'd be with him. We decided to meet at Jonggak station which is near where we live. We got lost a bit...I somehow lost my guidebook somewhere! :( That's like my guidebook here!

Robin & Friends
Met up with Robin, who was pointing to his watch when we finally got there! ooops. He had his friend, Gus, who is Filipino with him and his friend Jay. Both are Canadians and are teaching in Korea. Jay went to go meet someone for some Thai language lessons and we went to drink for a bit until Janelle came for dinner. It was fun. We talked a lot about movies and what we liked and disliked and it was soooo cheap! Drinking and eating is discounted and the food is so good.

My mosquito bites which are now at about 10 of them, were itching pretty badly so I went to a pharmacy, without a phrasebook and tried to communicate. She understood and I got some rub-on ointment that cools the bite. It kind of works for a bit...but i almost overdosed b/c i was so itchy!

Party Party
Janelle came and we decided to just eat where we were. Ate a lot of food and drank a lot of soju. Let's just say we were all pretty smashed...even Jos! It would come in waves for me...getting drunk...sober...getting drunk again...sober again...tipsy.. At Beewon, the office closes at 1am..but we were out past that time and were really worried. Janelle took a cab home. Robin walked back with us (since we didn't know how to get back) and managed to call someone to help us! Thank goodness for Robin! The most fun night we've had yet.

Gotta go now...we're going to Insadong and the palace.

p.s. Chris, send me Michelle and Jenni's email addresses!
p.p.s. I fear I will be covered in mosquito bites after this asia trip...booooo....

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