Monday, August 17, 2009

Installment 15: No Yokohama, Shibuya 109

Installment 15: No Yokohama, Shibuya 109

Jos and I were supposed to meet Mayumi to go to Yokohama. Mellers said she needed to sleep b/c she was really tired. Jos and I went to Shibuya to meet Mayumi. Because we had evening plans and we met a bit later, we decided to just go shopping instead. We met outside of the station and then headed to Shibuya 109 building. Jos saw

At first, Jos tried to be good and not spend any money, but there were a lot of floors of fashionable clothing. She eventually broke haahhaha. Are you surprised? I mean, overall, she was pretty good. I spent whatever...cuz I'm on vacation and I don't care muaahhahahaha. Halfway through we decided to go for coffee/tea. We went outside the mall, but the only coffee shop we saw was full, so we went to the top floor and ordered drinks and dessert.

Mayumi checked her cell to see how long it would take me to get to Kodansha publishing the next day from Takadanobaba. Did I mention that my friend, Ko, got me an appointment for a tour of Kodansha publishing in Tokyo? Anyway, we sat and relaxed up there for a while and Jos said she didn't want to shop anymore. She was trying to save her money and luggage space. In the end, we visited every floor.

After that Mayumi took us to a dessert food court...omg..the food looked much to eat! Jos got something that looked like marzipan and then Mayumi bought two boxes of sweets for me to take home to the family. Thank you Mayumi! You are so kind! I promise next time, we will visit Yokohama! I look forward to it!!

Shabu Shabu
We took a few pictures and then parted at the station. We went home and Mellers was waiting for us. We went for shabu shabu with Mellers, Eugene and Airi (I hope I spelt that right). Mellers had to work so she sped through her meal and we ordered harusame (vermicelli noodles) a bazillion times, we thought the waittress hated us. The shabu shabu (hot pot - when you cook your food in the soup) is all-you-can-eat, by the way. After Mellers left, we continued to eat and talk. Eugene told us hilarious stories.

When we finished eating we took a picture and headed off to a bar called Hub. Eugene ran into some Waseda students and we each had a drink. We called it a relatively early night, meaning before 2 a.m. At Mellers place, Jos and I checked email and called home.

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