Sunday, March 30, 2008

10th installment: My adventures...all by myself...

I'm still alive and kicking..well not kicking exactly... Des has arrived safely in Osaka. Thank goodness! I miss her already. She also told me that the Japanese custom ppl don't seem to like ppl who travel often. They will probably ask me why I keep flying to Hong Kong. She also advised me to hide my cds/dvds inside clothing. I have to re-pack again. That sucks!

Ehwa Women's University
Since it's Monday and the palace is closed (I never made it there yesterday), I decided to check out some other things. Please forgive me in advance if I spell places wrong because I don't have my guide book with me. I heard Ehwa Women's University is one of the great places to shop, but I've told myself not to buy so many things because my luggage is very heavy. I have no idea how I'm going to drag those all over the airport. @_@ I rode the subway alone and luckily made it to the transfer stations without getting too lost. Anyway, I got there around 3pmish b/c I left the guesthouse late. It was very busy and all I bought was a new shoulder bag to carry my stuff in and a shirt. I ate lunch there and also had some yummy fruit slushy drink.

Bell Pavilion
I went to the Bell Pavilion (sorry I don't remember the full name) and it was very nice looking. Opposite was a huge tower that's famous...Jongno Tower. Very tall and nicely built. I snapped some shots and sat down with the map, trying to figure out was else I could do. Since I've never been a person who navigates well, I decided to change that. Instead of taking the subway to Anguk I made up my mind to go see Insadong and make my way to Anguk by foot. What do you think happened?

Insadong was full of beautiful, historical pottery and much more. I looked around a lot here and even shopped a bit more. There were a lot of people there and I saw more tourists there than I have my whole trip here in Korea. I only bought small things that weren't heavy and didn't take up space. I'm considering throwsing some of my old Canadian clothes away too...just to lighten the darn thing. Aigoooo....

Where Did I End Up?
Guess...take a wild guess. I got back safe. ahhaa...I didn't get lost! When I walked around yesterday, I made sure to remember some places so when I got to that area, I'd know my way back. Yay for me! One step closer to being a good navigator. Since I ate lunch really late, I just got some food to go for later. Oh well if it's cold. I got home before dark just like I promised. It's a good thing though because the place I'm staying is kind of tucked in, so yeah...I don't think it's a good idea to be walking around alone. to watch k-tv and pack again for the billionth time.

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originally written: Apr 17, 2006

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