Sunday, March 30, 2008

3rd installment...yes third..b/c the last one was a mini...

It is now the end of April 10th and Des and I decided to go to Seoul Tower. We walked uphill even more to get to the cable car and we were also hungry b/c we woke up late again. hahaha... So we went into a restaurant, using our limited Korean to order and we did pretty well. We ate fish cutlet and then we went to the cable cars. Some cameramen from MBC News were there buying tickets too. We saw a man in a snazzy pink shirt with a red/pink striped suit. We got onto the cable car with a lot of other ppl. It was really exciting and the view was great. We saw a group of good looking guys near Seoul Tower. I took a pic for my single sweeties ^^ It's kind of not clear though...didn't want to seem too much of a stalker. I did the whole..I'm really taking a picture of something else, but really taking your picture...hahaha...

Lots of beautiful scenery shots!! And cute cute...they kept saying hi to us and smiling. After that, we decided to be adventurous again and climb down the Mt. Namsan! We felt so pathetic seeing these really old men and women climbing up while we had just taken a cable car...they are really fit! So we went downwards and both of our legs were shaking a bit. We finally got down a bit, for a washroom break and I sat outside waiting for Des. I sat on a lover's bench hahahahaa.... and an old lady came by and I moved over so she could sit down. She started talking to me in Korean and I tried talking to her and her friend. They didn't understand any English whatsoever, so I told them my name and when Des came we were trying to tell them we were on vacation. They asked where we were staying and we showed them the card. We can't find Filipino in our all I could tell them was that we were Canadian and that my mom was Chinese. hahaha.. They smiled at my Korean and finally went on their way.

We saw beautiful cherry blossoms! A whole street of them and passed by a mini zoo. We found the Namsan Public Library and another small library. We walked around with a map and finally ended up at Namdaemun Market. We were doing ok not spending much. We ate rice cake, bi bim bap and fried rice with two huge bottles of Hite. hahah...Des got to use another old style toilet ahahaha and she kept saying how guys look at me like they are starving. I don't see any of this...but then I don't really look up much. Bought lots of stuff and ppl were happy to practise their English as well as hear my Korean. People are really nice here. We went into a small department store and I saw a lot of things Josie would love to wear. I found some nice stuff for myself as well.

I have now converted into a girly girl. A lady sold me a very nice pink blazer. She said I looked beautiful in it. I suppose all ppl say that when they are selling stuff but she looked like she meant it. Des liked it and so did now I have pink clothes... I spent a lot of money again...yipes...don't worry I have a food budget...but any donations to my account are welcome ahahha...cuz there are so many things here I can't find in Toronto. We took the subway YAY! I took a picture of one of Dongwan's healthy drink ads!!! Bought some more stuff...and we climbed back home. That's the end of today! I think it was a great day!

p.s. I don't have the usb connector, so I can't post pics...but there is one of me and Des on the namsan web site.

look on the home page, click on English. While you are on the homepage, look for the photo gallery. Look for "2006 Apr 09 BBQ Party". There is one picture of us on the third link.

originally written: Apr 10, 2006

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