Sunday, March 30, 2008

Installment 4: Daiso killed me....

Installment 4: Daiso Killed Me

Today I went shopping at the "daiso" (dollar store) and it killed me. Why? Because everything there is cute. I think I spent close to 70 dollars there and that's only because I got rid of some stuff first!! nande?!?! (whyyyyy?!?!?) ok i definitely got to stick to my budget...lucky that is part of the spending budget!

some of the stuff I bought:
-origami paper
-some cuuuuute face towels
-school stuffies for Chris (Chris man, I spoil you rotten yo!)
-these awesomely cute magnet thingies that remind me of cookies
-cute stuff in general...

They must have thought I was a weirdo. I had to sort through my basket twice before getting to the counter! Went back to Meller's place and re-arranged my luggage again to fit in my purchases. I think because a lot of it is paper, I will try to fit more of that stuff in my carry-on, since weight doesn't matter with that.

I haven't talked to Jos at all, which is weird. Finally I was able to talk to her after I hijacked Chris' facebook. Yes, kids, I was on facebook! but as a spy. Sadly, that was the only way to get a hold of Jos since I can't "nudge" her when she's not on msn. And I wasn't sure if she'd check her email, BUT I KNEW she would check facebook before sleeping! So yeah we caught up a bit, but everyone else was sleeping. Wake up Mom and Dad...I haven't talked to you in ages... Sorry Chris for hijacking your facebook! T__T I don't care what everyone says...more facebook for everyone else =P

I heard the buzzer ring and thought it might be Mellers, but it was a Japanese lady talking... so I said "I don't understand" and "sorry" then hung up. I took Meller's keys to open the door for her anyway, but she was already waiting at the top of the steps. With the gigantor language barrier, I was only able to understand 1/3 of what she was saying. Basically where's Mel and when is she coming back. I tried my best and said that Mel was at Waseda. I don't know when she's coming back and I gave her Meller's phone number..

Later on, Mellers came back with Krispy Kreme donuts. Oh my gosh, they are sooo good... I ate one and then Eugene came to visit again. Did I mention they are nuts about Prison Break?!?!? So much so, that I think I might try to watch some when I get back. I know Sean wanted me to watch it too. I went to the 7 eleven by myself and got cold soba noodles and chicken. I was also buying bathroom tissue, but I didn't have my phrasebook. So I said tissue, and the guy behind the counter was like "huh?" and he pressed this button. Another guy comes out..."tissue?" *look of confusion* I point at a kleenex box. "Ahhh" and then I said for bathroom and he shows me where it is. Mannn gomenasai Ko, I'm trying to improve my Japanese I swear!

Ok...I'll let you rest your eyes now. <3


originally written: Apr 3, 2007

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