Sunday, March 30, 2008

Guess who spent lots of money?!?!? Well it wasn't Des...

For the first time in history, Sam has outspent Des....yup...that's what happens when we go into a music store and the prices are cheap. We had to buy a new the heck am I going to travel around Seoul to the other place with the monster and the newbie luggage? *hails down a cab* hahah yeah right.

We ate more vendor food. It is so good! Yup I bought lots of music lots of new albums...yeehaw! There was a celebration of the grand opening of some mall near where we are staying. We saw ppl performing some cheers and a dancing soju bottle. What else? I used my limited Korean hahaha. Met a really nice girl named Chumi and Des bought some diary thing from her. She was so excited to practice her English and we talked about Korean celebrities. Then she gave us free stuff...packets of six pictures of specific celebrities. She gave me three packs and I didn't even buy anything! ^^

We went to Myeong-Dong (sp?) which is kind of like Yonge Street and Queen St. combined. We could spend a whole day there...the malls are at the front and then the rest of it is behind. Holy geez lots of shopping and eating there. I love how they call one of their stores "Athlete's Foot"...huuhuu... I was a good girl and window shopped for a while. On our way back, we bought another luggage (the one i talked about in the beginning of this email..not a new one!)..haha...I'm really gonna need help. The next place I stay at, better not be a mountain. We also stopped by our fave convenience store and the other guy working there carried my luggage outside. Des keeps saying how they don't do that for her and I'm being treated well.

By the time we get to Namsan, the bbq has already started. We saw all 25 German university students. Sean, I can't answer your question, b/c I didn't see or ask...but I kept looking and wondering..hahah... I didn't get any pics of them though...sorry! I talked at length to one also named Samantha. Some of the other guests were there - two ppl from Thailand. They also enjoy Korean music. I spoke to one of the owners, Ping. She is really nice and originally from Thailand. She speaks both languages and so does her husband. Their daughter, Tweety, is so cute. We were playing rock, paper, scissors and I made her origami things. I practised my Korean with some of the Korean ppl there. So much alcohol cup was never empty...and "bottoms up" means chug...@_@. Des and I were good. Somewhere in the middle we escaped to go on the internet. I managed to call home, but no one answered. I called Jimmy and some guy who is a junior to the owner was hovering behind me. He told me to tell Jimmy that I have a new boyfriend in Korea, but I just laughed. Later he walked by and Des asked him his name..I think he said Jim. He told Des that he is my friend. @_@ Des thinks I'm being hit on...I'm not really sure. We saw him again when we were shopping around. Des said his face lit up...what the heck. Also, the phone cards here don't even warn you if your time is just says enter new card number, no time left. phone call was cut short.

We left again to adventure and buy stuff. The shopping ends around 10:30pm! Can't believe it! And another shocker... I saw a psquared (dsquared wannabe?) hat and it said SAM on it. We agreed that we should buy it and the guy selling it asked us which choices were black, beige or pink. Before I say anything he plops the pink one on my head and says it looks really nice. Des just laughs at me. The dude already put it on my head, don't I have to buy it now? So I finally agree and put it on pushing my bangs aside and then he takes it off to remove the tag, pushes my bangs back down and says it looks good. Heaven forbid...another pink item has been added to my wardrobe.

It's close to 2:30am here...I should go to bed. Tomorrow I think we will try to visit Seoul Tower and who knows what else. If we visit Seoul Tower we get to ride cable cars...yay...I'm charging the camera battery!

Until next installment...

p.s. I swear I will start compacting these. Are you tired of reading so much? Those who aren't please raise your hands and I owe you a squish (and before you think bad thoughts...squish = hug...shame on you if you thought otherwise..*ahem*)

originally written: April 9, 2006

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