Sunday, March 30, 2008

9th installment: safe and sound...

Hello Friends,

I am now at Beewon Guesthouse. Robin from Namsan was nice enough to drive me here and help me bring my luggage! What a nice guy =) The receptionist here is very nice. Her name is Kim Ji Hye. My luggage is so darn heavy, she helped me carry it up the stairs. Originally I was supposed to be on the third floor, but she changed my room so I wouldn't have to struggle with the stairs. Yay they have a computer! But it can only be used for yes, you still get to read these.

Escaping Gramps
Did I mention this old Korean man who's been hitting on me at Namsan? At first it was just friendly conversation, but it's more than that. He always pats my shoulder and tells people how he likes me and that I'm cute. Yesterday, a bunch of us were by the internet cafe and he said this to me, "Come visit Florida and I'll visit Toronto."
me: "Haha only if you pay for my ticket!" (I was joking)
gramps: "Sure, ok come to Florida. You can stay at my place."
me: "I don't think your wife will like that."
gramps: "I have another house. You can stay there."

Ummm excuse wayyyy! So bold. Sheeshymos! It didn't end there.

gramps: "So where is your boyfriend?"
me: "He's in Toronto."
gramps: "Oh I thought he was with you. So, you're a free girl?"
me: "No I'm not". persistent. This morning before I left, he said to me. "When you leave, this place won't be good anymore." Then he attempted to kiss my hand and I moved my hand. He ended up kissing my thumbnail...ewww still so gross. I washed my hands several times.

Soooo...glad I'm away from him. He tried to find out where I was going, but all I said was, "somewhere else."

I am near three palaces I think. So, after I call home I'm going to explore. I won't stay out late especially now that Des is not with me. Fear not, I will be protected by my signature bag filled with too many things, that still smells like cigarettes from the club.

A Little Later...
I watched some Korean television and there was a big concert near the place where Des and I were staying before, but I think it happened just before we got there. I also watched a Korean concert that was held in Japan by mnet. I wonder if Mellers went... I fell asleep. I was so tired and couldn't fight it.

When I finally woke up, I decided to get some food before it got dark. I ended up eating some vendor food 20-30 minutes away. It was so good. Fried mandoo (dumplings) and gimbap wrapped in egg. Yummy ^^ After that I just explored for a bit. Lots of things to see. I will check out the palace tomorrow and explore more. There's a cinema too. I kind of want to go, but I don't know how I'll get tickets and figure out stuff. Maybe next year then...

the end of this installment has come... Did you think the rest of them would be short like the last one?


originally written: Apr 16, 2006

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