Sunday, March 30, 2008

Installment 9: A Day of Rest...

Installment 9: A Day of Rest...

ahahah we decided to slow down a bit today. hahaha mainly because we got home so early in the morning and I woke up at like 3am and Mellers was still off in lala land ahahhaha. So I went left around 4:30pm to look around again. I saw Eugene eating at one of the shops so I joined him.

Remember last year when I went to Korea, I got sprayed by the thing in the toilet? It wasn't a toilet this time! I asked Eugene to order mashed potatoes for me and there was a sauce/dressing that went with it. Well it looked kind of like the jam packets but I was trying to unpeel the success. Then I saw that there were I bent it in half..but the wrong way!! ooopsss....Out comes dressing squirting full speed...right onto Eugene's jacket!!! ooopsalini...very minor stains on my jacket...mostly on his. I felt sooooo bad! I kept apologizing and offering to pay his cleaning bill. He said he would just laundry it...oops T_____T

Went back to Harajuku, but the Takashite exit this time to shop around. Is it too much info to say that I would fit into a lot of the pretty clothes (shirts mainly) but my chest is too big?!?!? ahahahhaha....It's such a shame! Oh well I guess in a way I'm saving money right? Called Mellers after getting some stuff. I saw these two people dressed in Gothic Lolita style and the best part was they were men kekekeke. Good for them for pulling off that fashion. They looked like dolls.

I refused to totally superfangirl and buy all the unofficial pics...also because some of them weren't that great quality. They even had prize packs and all sorts of stuff, but I refrained. ahahha. I don't want to break my budget!!

Mellers woke up at 7pm ahahahha. When I got home we decided to order pizza. She ordered it online and it was Bulgogi flavour. Bulgogi is Korean style marinated beef and it comes with vegetables. Well, I must say it was very interesting. The crust looked different too and when I started to eat it, I realized it was filled with hot dogs. So it looks like hot dog pastries..kind of hard to explain, but I took a picture. The chicken was good too and it came with two cans of tea.

We just relaxed, listened to music and talked. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we can talk like this. She watched some of Prison Break and I went to sleep. Mellers didn't even end up sleeping. Crazy girl!

Short installment this time. You're not disappointed are you?


originally written: Apr 8, 2007

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