Sunday, March 30, 2008

Installment 10: Shibuyaaaaaaa!

Installment 10: Shibuyaaaaaaa!

I was finally able to talk to Mom after over a week. Mannnn I keep missing her and finally I reached them by collect call. Talked to Dad for a bit too which was nice. Yay income tax, I don't owe the government money. That's always a plus

I went to Shibuya by myself as Mellers had class. It was quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There were soooo many people there! There seemed to be three popular ways of crossing, so I decided to start on the left. Left is always better than right (at least in my head) I stumbled upon an arcade. Hahahah you know how I love challenges, right?

So, naturally, I got sucked into that darn crane game/ufo game. I really wanted to win that big bear...1000 yen success. Darn you, Bear! I almost got you were caught up and on your way to me and then you fell!! T___________T I decided to try a different one and on the first shot, I won a yellow elephant. It's soooo cuute. I'll upload a pic later on today.

I went up and down the streets until I got to the 109 Building which is infamous for women's fashion. The stuff there was beautiful. Let me just say that if I didn't find some good sales, there's no way I could afford to buy all the things I wanted there. There were a lot of tanned girls there, some had raccoon eyes too. All the staff at each store were very nice though. I had to really try not to just by things because they were so nice and I felt bad that I couldn't spend ahhaha. There was the beautiful, beautiful belt...seriously gorgeous. I wanted it, but it was 7100yen. Sorry, but I will never pay that much for a belt. The employee there even put it on me and I was thisclose to just buying it for the heck of it, but I restrained myself.

It was nice to hear them trying to speak English to me when they knew I couldn't speak Japanese fluently. Most just thought I could understand and had whole conversations with me... AM I THAT CONVINCING?!?!? ahahahah If you're wondering what's fashionable now, it's the nurselike dresses with vertical thin blue stripes. They were everywhere.

After doing some shopping, I decided to eat. I ordered Omerice (which is exactly what it sounds like..rice in an omelet). I ignored the cute mushrooms that were cascaded on it, and enjoyed it. I also ordered a dessert which was called Millefleur or something to that extent. I will upload a picture of it. It was really really pretty and consisted of: raspberrries, pastry, custard, jam and pistachios. I couldn't finish the whole thing because...I have no idea why, but I didn't think I should finish all of it.

So, I continued to shop and each stores' employees kept saying something, but I can't remember the exact words. Mellers said it is probably "irashaimasen" (sp?) which means welcome. The loudest, believe it or not, were the lingerie staff ahahah. Finally decided to go home with all my bags, but was delayed a little by the rain. Mellers was already home and napping. I decided to do the same. We woke up around 10pm and ate.

I've forgotten to mention that "Hoshi wo Mezashite" PV is currently #1 in the charts. Not sure which chart though, but they keep showing it on the screens. I hear the song a lot whether I'm eating or shopping too. I had a dream about meeting Kei-kun and Tego. I also took some pics of Pi's drink ad and Operation Love mural that was at the Shibuya subway station.

Seems like I have a lot of pics to upload, huh? for adventuring again. Still deciding whether to go to the Meiji Shrine or Senso-ji Temple...Senso-Ji is farther away. Should I be lazy?


originally written: Apr 9, 2007

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