Sunday, March 30, 2008

8th Installment: All is quiet...dumpling overload

ahha we were supposed to watch a traditional wedding ceremony at 3pm... we didn't wake up till 1:30pm... didn't leave the room until 3pm... didn't finish eating until 4pm.... didn't finish laundry until 7pm. We found out a copule of days earlier, that they only have washers and we have to hang dry our stuff. That presented a problem...since we had lots of laundry and not much to hang clothes on. Yesterday, we finally asked if we could use their clothesline. That's when we finally left...

We decided we needed some fresh air. We ate at a mandoo (dumpling) restaurant...omg the food was so good. So many the end I thought I became one. We felt bad that we couldn't finish everything. We went shopping around Myeong-dong again. Got home and packed.

Des and I wanted to stay up all night and then I was going to go with her to the bus stop. We were so tired, we slept anyway. When I woke up it was 7am and Des had already left. I suck T___T I really wanted to say goodbye. I don't even remember what I am alone...missing Des..missing everyone. I hope to become more independent. We'll see how that goes...

Wish me luck. My gift to you..a short installment. I hope I can find the net at the other place I'm going to. :D See you!!


originally written: Apr 15, 2006

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