Sunday, March 30, 2008

12th installment: Fare thee well Korea!

Today is my last day in Korea...I leave in bright and early tomorrow
morning...5amish. Connie and Esther timed the limobus and it took less than
an hour

Last night there was a thunderstorm. I hate those! I ended up sleeping with
the light and tv on. I had asked for a wake-up call at 10am and they set up
an alarm clock for me...when I woke up it was 1:30pm?!?! I was really
disappointed because I had planned to see the palace and missed the last
English tour. T___T I worked on packing for a while and then I went
downstairs to tell them. I looked up to see that according to their clock
it was 10am...and I looked at my watch and it was 2:30pm...what the heck? My
watch is messed up..not to mention the backing is missing...yipes! I will be
seeing Samsun today. She is KMP's friend. I'm really excited. I think I
will bring my luggage down the steps tonight so I don't wake everyone up and
I will pull an allnighter so I don't miss the limobus.

Boo it's been raining all morning. There goes my plans to visit the palace.
Arghhhh how can not see it and it's right beside me. Tour is no fun in the
rain. I think I will try to order some delivery food. Let's see how that

Food was good. Met Wyona (another staff member) who is very nice. She
ordered for me and the food was good. Took pictures.

I met Samsun and Soo Ryeon Choi. They are awesome!! They took me to
one of the palaces and we took lots of pictures. My battery was low so
I didn't take so many. They are really nice and cute too. I even took
a traditional picture..hahaha..that's all I'm going to tell you...
After that we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant. We had Sam Gyup Sal
(sp?) [bbq bacon] and lots of other stuff I haven't tried. I took pics
too. I really love them..they are so nice. They treat me like a
younger sister. We had soju too. Two bottles. Samsun unnie calls them
sweatju (sp?) b/c it is straight soju and stronger. I think I am a
little bit tipsy, but it's ok, b/c I am staying up all night. I don't
want to miss my flight!! I'm really nervous about being at the airport
alone. We'll see how this goes. NO sleeping tonight. Maybe I'll call
home and force them to stay up late with me.

Samsun and Soo Ryeon are really nice. They took me to the palace
and shared their umbrellas with me. They took time out of their busy
schedules to take me out. Samsun unnie is an archaeologist. Ryeon Choi unnie is studying childcare. We had a really good time, but I think I brought the bad weather. Just like I brought the storm to Singapore and the typhoon to Philippines two years ago. ahhaha...

Not much shopping today. I'm being good. lmao...i really have to
organize my luggage better. I'm still getting used to my haircut. It
looks very different. Samsun unnie and Soo Ryeon unnie said it looks
good. I'm off to Tokyo from the 20th to the 24th with Mellers and my
partner in crime, Des...Look out Tokyo! I've already asked Mellers to
help me ship some stuff..but I've also decided to leave some stuff behind here. I can
live without a couple of my Canadian clothing...

I wish I could stay longer...but I also miss home. 4 days in Tokyo and
I'm back in Toronto. Do you miss me?

p.s. Do you still want to hear the adventures in Tokyo, or are you sick of
these emails?

originally written: Apr 19, 2006

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