Sunday, March 30, 2008

7th Installment: Wild Night in Seoul!!

Ok, today we decided it was Lotte World Day. We kidnapped Louise, who is from Sweden and took her with us. Later on, we kidnapped a Japanese guy too..

We went to Jamsil station and in front of the Lotte Department Store was the set-up of a mini concert. We still weren't sure where Lotte World was, so I went to ask a man. He had no idea what I was saying, but there was an army guy near by. He asked if we needed help. He was very polite and quite good looking. We told him where we wanted to go and he offered to take us to the entrance through the department store. His name is Im DoHyun and a corporal. Des was chatting him up!! And her hips were swaying *BIG WINK* Louise and I trailed behind laughing and teasing them. The two were oblivious. GO DES!!! We got his contact info too and took pics with him. Also a solo shot. Yay for Des.

Lotte world reminded me so much of the k-drama Stairway to Heaven with the carousel and the ice rink downstairs the mall. It was very cute and I ended up buying the necklace, just because..haha...It was not that crowded. Apparently b/c someone fell off a ride and died recently. We didn't mind that it wasn't crowded b/c we were able to just walk around and enjoy. We bought these really cute headbands with ears. Louise got a monkey one and I asked the lady to choose one for me. She chose bunny ears (one of them bent) and guess which colour she chose. I'm sure you can guess what colour by now. Yes, pink...guess this is a pink trip for me. I can't escape it! She chose angel wings for Des. We all took pics and then kept walking.

There was a Studio Ghibli store with huge Totoro's and we all squealed...goodness, we were definitely sucked in. I bought a Totoro pouch to put Josie's camera in, since I lost the case somewhere in Seoul. We saw the Magical Island and the infamous Magic Castle. We walked around the whole island, seeing many kids in uniform. We went by this stage for performances and there was a bunch of students there. We went by them, saying "an nyoung haseyo" and they yelled to us "YOU'RE SO SEXY!!" The three of us burst out in laughter.

Louise and I had the toasted corn which was really good and Des tried the slush. I wanted to go on the monorail so we could see everything. We had only bought general admission passes, so we had to pay extra for the monorail. I couldn't understand the ticket machine and stopped someone to ask for help. The very nice lady did the whole transaction for us. She was so kind. Taking the monorail just showed us that we covered pretty much everything. Good on us. After that we rode the carousel =) We also went to see the skating rink, where many young children were practising speed skating and figure skating. They were so cute. ^^ I also tried the crane game. I almost won the piggie from Kim Sam Soon...but alas, it was not meant to be. T__T

Mini Concert
The concert was featuring DJ DOC and SeeYa, with other artists performing. I really don't remember all their names too well. We missed SeeYa, but remembered that WenLy had convinced me to buy their cd. Too bad about that... LPG, a female group, also performed and I took some pictures for some of my friends. You know who you are! The music was good. People of all ages were there. Some granny elbowed me to get in front, which just made me laugh. Some guys moved in front of me too and tried to not-so-obviously videotape the girls on stage. It was a lot of fun. After it finished, we were starting to get tired and hungry.

We decided today we would go to the soju tent. We headed back home, only to find the soju tent had moved. BOOOOO! So we ate a restaurant that had really good food and then we went to the store to buy soju to drink at Namsan. It was decided that we'd buy a number of different bottles to try them out. We got back up the mountain and Esther and Constance, also from Singapore, were there with a new guest, Takesh from Japan. Esther and Constance weren't up for drinking alcohol so they stuck to juice. The rest of us had mix drinks. The owner came out and said we couldn't drink unless he drank with us. lol. So he drank with us and even sent someone out to get snacks! Dried cuttlefish and assorted chips, as well as juice and other things. It was a party!

What did I drink? Aloe soju, Bloody Mary with soju and plum soju...all mixed by Des and Louise. Then the owner mentioned the bomb drink. That's when you have a shot of soju inside beer. Goodness we did a "bottoms up"...and wham...I felt that pretty fast. hahaha. My face was pink. The owner left soon after, but told us after 10pm we could still drink but keep it down b/c of other guests. We finished drinking and decided to go shopping. lol. Apparently there was a place near some universities that you could shop all night.

Des came out wearing her clubbing gear. Louise made me wear gloss and had me change into my clubbing attire as well. She changed and we dragged Taki-kun with us, who is 17 by the way, but looks older. hahaha. I wasn't sure if we were shopping or clubbing. We took a cab to one of the universities, but we were all tipsy and the guy totally ripped us off. He didn't even take us to the right place! It was so dead...nothing was open... We took another cab to Hongdai (sp?) University and finally found the party town of Seoul. We ran into some British guy who told us to go to a club called M2. We decided to go, but asked for directions a lot b/c we couldn't seem to find the place.

After a long time, we found it. Louise bought sunglasses and Taki-kun bought a cap before we went in. $15 cover...the guy had told us it was only $5. He either lied or we were getting the "foreigner price" and a drink ticket. By then we didn't really care. The gals went to the washroom...holy SMOKE! Smoker's paradise. This place was crazy!!! The music was awesome and it was full. We danced the night away! At some point these topless guys with these batons were on stage and lights were coming out of the batons. It was crazy! I think they were called Adonis boys or something. We OBVIOUSLY danced differently than all the other girls! I think they started to compete with us too. I had a blast - all of us did. We got home at 6am. The club didn't close till 7am.

What a wild night!


originally written: Apr 15, 2006

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