Sunday, March 30, 2008

15th Installment: Crazy in Tokyo!

Today was full of excitement with Mellers. We slept in, so we ate lunch in Ikebukuro...really yummy food!! Then we noticed an arcade game full of those crane/claw games.

I decided that Asia would not defeat me. I rock at crane/claw games at C.N.E. and other places. Why should Asia defeat me? (I was still a little scarred from Lotte World) So we started playing the games and I just wasn't winning. I refused to give up and FINALLY I won a Kon (from the manga Bleach) a really cute bear!! Then Des and Mellers got really excited too and we just took over the arcade. I won three other toys: two raccoons and one green thing...Des won four stuffed animals and Meller's won three boxes with a bear inside. wahahaha we were so LOUD! We ruled those games!!

We went shopping for clothes and stuff and we found a couple of places that had these surprise bags that were filled with clothes. Yup we spent quality money and went to hello kitty store and other places. We did a lot of crowd watching there and also in the subways. How on earth are ppl pulling off these weird fashions?!?!? They just keep layering stuff that totally clashes. Some of them pull it off well though, while some are just...well Mellers says she wants to slap them...Des wants to slap their stylists...I just want to smack them in general. Those crazy ppl!

We thought that if we did not try pachinko, we would not have experienced the real Tokyo. Well after spending around $10 and not understanding what the heck we're supposed to do, we watched these tiny silver balls flying all over the place. What the heck?!?!? I really don't understand the excitement! I ended up with some left and cashed it in for shortbread? Even stranger! I guess the good stuff comes after you have won more of those things, b/c ppl had baskets full of them. The slot machines were downstairs so we tried those. It was fun...didn't win anything. Des left with some, so she cashed hers in...for more shortbread and chocolate. hahahah I'll never understand! We had a great time though.

Asakusa Temple
Mellers took us to a temple!!! Yay! On our way there, we found a small shop that was selling yukatas (spring kimonos) for a good price. All three of us bought one for ourselves. We finally made it to the temple. This temple is where Yunho from DBSK filmed his Banjun drama {mel edit - Tokyo Holiday. the one where he went with the girl and wrote messages on the wooden block and hang it up). It was a very pretty night view!! We took lots of pictures. We made an offering and made some wishes. We also did the sticks and received our fortunes. Des and I had bad ones and Mellers got a good one. So Des and I tied our fortunes up with the rest of the bad fortunes, in hopes that the gods would help us. It's not so bad, because we make our own destinies, so I will change my bad fortune to a good one.

Mellers took us to an All-You-Can Eat BBQ place. The food was so good! We ate a lot of food and Des and Mellers gave me a lesson in smuggling food out. It would have all gone to waste otherwise. MEAT MEAT MEAT! and lots of other yumminess. We had so many plates of food it was crazy. I did my small freak out over the flame and Des did a lot of the cooking b/c SOMEONE IS A that even a word? I thought I was gonna die from overeating. Mellers even made cotton candy too! We took it with us.

Home To Change And Clubbing
Did I mention that we are secretly staying here? We are living dangerously..ahha not really. But Mellers' landlord isn't the friendliest so we sneak in and out. It's like we are spies or something. Makes life interesting! So we went home to get ready for the club. Mellers insisted on putting make-up on me. She did the whole mascara, eyeliner, curler thing. She also put some sparkles on my lashes and also on Des. I think we all looked really nice. We planned to go find a cab, but one drove right by us, so we took it. The club was in Ropponggi. Club story comes in the next installment....STAY TUNED!


originally written: Apr 23, 2006

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