Sunday, March 30, 2008

13th Installment: Sam vs. Airport

Samsun unnie and Soo Ryeon unnie somehow talked the male receptionist into waking up at 5am to help me drag my luggage to the airport limobus. ^^ I felt so bad for him! I've talked to him several times and he's very nice, but 5am? He finished working in the office at 1am and then the poor guy had to wake up to help me. I was so nervous about not waking up, especially with all that sweatju in he gave me another alarm clock and told me to get some rest. If I didn't wake up he'd knock on my door to wake me up. What a nice guy! Thank goodness for my internal alarm would wake me up periodically. I woke up by myself around 4:15am. The alarm had been set to 4:30am...when 4:30am passed, the alarm didn't go off. T_T Good thing I woke up!

So at 4:45am I called home and left a msg whispering, since everyone else was sleeping and I waited for him in front of the office for 5am. I tried not to think of the what what if he doesn't wake up? He actually lives upstairs...but I don't know which room. Sure enough he came 5 mins early and into the cold dark morning we went. It started to rain a bit too, so we ended up standing in the telephone booths, along with the luggage - him in one booth with my big luggage and me in another with the smaller one. I fully expected and suggested he drop me off and go home and sleep. He insisted on waiting with me for the airport limobus. So we talked. He apparently spent a year in England learning English. When the bus came, he waved it down and waited for me to board. He waved goodbye and then left. Beewon Guesthouse has seriously good customer service. I recommend them! Also Namsan was good too. They are very accomodating!! ^^ Free pick-up service for various locations in Seoul.

The bus came at around 5:15am and we arrived at Incheon around 6:15am. The Cathay Pacific counters weren't even open till 6:30am so I lined up (first person too!!). I'm so proud of myself for not getting so lost!! I went through immigration and here I sit in front of this computer emailing you. I will wait to see what the rest of today brings before I send this email. I have the flight to HK and the flight to Narita. I expect to be such a pro at flying that I will try to get my own pilot license...umm not really...narcolepsy sucks!

I got to Narita airport and the customs lady searched one of my luggages and then I was free to go. Mellers came soon after, even though she was worried she was late. I almost didn't recognize her if it wasn't for her dimples and her rocking roxy skirt. She was wearing really high heels too. She is my angel for picking me up. I looked really bad..ahhaa cuz HK airport was hot all I did was sweat. I had my glasses on too. >_< I hope I didn't make a bad physical impression. We took the train and now we are in Meller's room. I have showed her my tower of cds/dvds and all the gifts. So fear not, I am in good hands. I took a nice shower too. Woohoo!

That's it for this entry. We're gonna watch some Shinhwa dvds!


originally written: Apr 20, 2006

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