Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tokyo, Japan [Mar 2007]: i'm here and safe

Konnichiwa Minna-san

I am here and safe. I didn't get lost yay! Plane was delayed one hour though. I wrote a long journal entry but I need to take a nap before we go clubbing huuhuu. I was so proud of myself for getting there without freaking out. I got on all the right trains, the only thing is I couldn't get through to Mellers. It kept giving me a busy signal, so that's when I started to worry a little. I called her 5 times from the airport, 5 times from Nippori stn, and another 5 at Takadanobaba stn. Then I asked ppl to direct me to a phone again, but then I heard my name and here came Mellers running towards me. I only waited 20mins so it wasn't so bad.

I will email more about adventures, but I have to nap now.Sayonara! byebye!

p.s. Please forward to those not on the list...b/c I have to sleep *i owe you hugs if you forward
p.p.s. this doesn't count as an installment. kekeke that will come later

originally written: Mar 31, 2007

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