Sunday, March 30, 2008

14th Installment... Des is M.I.A.!!

So we woke up in the morning and no call from Des. Mellers had to go to school, so I waited here with her phone for Des to call. I was up till 8:30am...some of you probably know about this cuz I was freaking out on msn. Finally around 3 something in the morning she called. Holy crap...I almost cried with relief. I will let her tell you her story of entering Tokyo and spending almost 12 hours on her own. Mellers came after school and I was waiting at the station and then Des finally arrived. We yelled her name out waving our arms like a bunch of psychos. We helped her with her bags and got home. She got to take her shower and we heated up some food for her.

After resting a bit, we went out for dinner. Mellers had reserved a table at her work place and we ate some really good food!! It was so awesome. Nothing like what I had in Toronto. I don't remember all the names of the food but there was chicken and other stuff. So yummy..I took pics. The best thing I think was the dessert. It was soba powder (kind of like a mashed potato texture) with red beans on top. So amazingly good. I took lots of pics of food. hahaa...tomorrow we will go shopping and clubbing. Our clubbing experience in Seoul will be nothing compared to this, b/c apparently we are going to two clubs and clubs close at 11am here.

Well I am off..pretty short installment...but consider Des' part as the other half. When she has time she will send it!


originally written: Apr 22, 2006

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