Sunday, March 30, 2008

Installment 11: Temples, Shrines & Canada!

Installment 11: Temples, Shrines & Canada!

I went to Sensoji Temple solo today, because Mellers had class. I took the train to Ueno station and then transferred onto the Ginza line to Asakusa. It's really nice that I can adventure around. Mellers always tells me to call her if I have trouble, but so far no.

I couldn't really tell how much tickets would cost, so I just asked someone to help me. hahaha. Word to those who travel here and don't know how much the train ticket will cost to where you are going...ask someone who is buying a ticket/has bought one or of course someone who works there. People are very accomodating.

So I got to the temple area and it took me a while to get to the main temple, because of all my detours. No, not the detours you think (getting lost) more like seeing interesting things and steering off my path.

Woohoo I was able to find kendamas. They are hand-made wooden toes, that require skill to play with. I will upload a pic...ahahaha so many to upload. So I bought two OFFICIAL kendamas. Yes, official, there are actual professional competitions. There's even someone who has the Guiness record for it. Ko showed me the official site when I was in Toronto and mannn some people even breakdance while playing kendama!

I found an ice-cream place with 30 different flavours. There were all sorts of different flavours like Japanese apricot, sweet potato, purple sweet potato, sesame, etc. I chose sakura (cherry blossom flavour) soooo goood! I want moooooorrreee!

I was on a mission to find bigger sandals to wear with my yukata (summer kimono), since the ones I bought last year were a little too small. Finally found it, when I went for a detour. Most places only had smaller sizes, but I find my size at this small shop and got an 80 yen discount too.

The temple was just as beautiful as I remembered and even nicer during the day. I did all the stuff like drinking the water and wafting the incense, etc. I also bought charms for good luck and health, as well as making your dreams come true. I took video which I'll upload. I also did the fortune...this is what I got...

Relying upon a person in higher rank for help to succeed in one's life is just like a cock tries to fly following a phoenix and perches on a higher twig.
Poling a boat across the stream is a simile of your getting along well with others in this world.
You will rise in the world and will be wealthy.

*Your wish will come true, so you should be modest for everything. *The sick person will get well. *The lost article will be found. *The person you are waiting for will come. *Building a new house and removal are both good *It is good to make a travel. *Both marriage and employment are good.

I wanted to get another yukata, so I went by a store and ended up getting Kimono coasters instead. The ladies were really friendly and when the oldest one heard I was from Canada, she said in Japanese that she loves the maple leaf. hahhaa So I gave each of them the Canadian badges I had brought. She was so happy, she gave me a handkerchief as a gift. They were so cute too. They saw I had a lot of bags and gave me a bigger one and told me to put them "ishoni" (together). I had that happen at three different stores...ahahah am I shopping too much?

Hahaha I bet you're thinking I was checking some hot guy out right? No... when I went to the local grocery store, there was an old man who owns it. Last time I went there I was looking for something, so this time he remembered me. He said, "oh Canada" ahahah. I stayed there for a bit and we talked. It was really cute because his English is limited and my Japanese was limited, but somehow we were able to have a good conversation! We talked about food and the money conversions and what I was doing here, etc. ahahah who would have thought. I am quite happy to say that so far on this trip, I have never had the experience of NOT being able to communicate what I'm trying to say. Through Japanese, Korean, English and hand movements, it's all been good.

Wahh this is super long. Sorrryyyyy! Just to let you know that while I was at the temple I asked that all my family and friends stay healthy and happy.


originally written: Apr 10, 2007

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