Sunday, March 30, 2008

Installment 5: Welcome To Japan & a Day of Surprises

Installment 5: Welcome To Japan & a Day of Surprises

Aww man, I told Mellers I wouldn't update right away, because I'm so darn tired...but today was really crazy!!

Welcoming Malaysian Students
Mellers and I tagged along with Eugene to welcome Malaysian students who will be studying in Japan for a few years. Mellers and I barely slept and left at 5:45am. Met up with Eugene and went to Narita airport. Was able to call home, but only Chris was able to talk to me. Mellers and I hitched a ride with the students on the rented bus, b/c Mellers ended up helping more than she expected. We took some of them to Haneda airport because they would be attending a school called Aomori near Hokkaido. Then some were dropped off at Yamabuki Ryo (hostel),Senagawa hostel and J-Dream at Shinjuku. It was a really long ride and I think we finally got off the bus at around 1pmish.

The last sets of guys being dropped off were staying at J-Dream..which ended up not being what they thought it would be. Lucky for them Mellers also speaks Korean, or else they'd gbe in trouble! Then we tried to look for their language school, which ended up re-locating and then we had torrential cold (like winter) rain. I felt kind of bad for them...must have been so overwhelming for their first day of their new lives in Japan. The rain was so coldddd and falling really hard. Mellers and I got soaked! We ate at an Italian style restaurant and then her friend msged her with some news that YG would be having an event with Big Bang & Gummy. (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, they are supertalented Korean singers/performers) OK...yes, I told everyone that I wasn't going to Japan for a concert and I wasn't...this just fell into our laps hahahaha.

Big Bang & Gummy
We took a cab there b/c it was supercold. Luckily her friend had lined up and got us tickets too. The line was superlong and we had to line up too. By the time we got in, there was no way we could get close up. After trying to find better places, we ended up behind the soundstage area. Mellers was very persistent and we tried everything. Finally she was able to stand on something and take some fancams. I was able to take a few too, but of course a few heads were in the way sometimes. Whenever someone bumped me, the camera went out of focus. My arms are so sore for holding up the camera for so long, while holding two umbrellas and both of our bags!

Gummy was talented as ever. The fans also brought out a cake for her and everyone sang happy birthday. Then the moment everyone was waiting for...Big Bang came out. They are so good! My apologies to everyone who told me I was missing out. They are awesome live. I'm converted to their music now!!! (I'm sure Meller's account of this will be way more exciting)

After the performances, we waited outside. Mellers was sure they would come out of a certain exit and of course she was right. Because I was filming, I couldn't do much but stare at them aahahhaha. Mellers was able to shake Tempo's hand!! They were really nice and weren't avoiding their fans at all. They got into a small bus/van and were watching the craziness. Then they finally drove away.

It was really cold and I was getting really tired. I think the most tired I've been so far on this trip, but I am absolutely happy to have been here for this. THANKS MELLERS! <3 I'll never forget what awesome performances and how close Big Bang & Gummy were to us. *fangirl*

When we got to our station, we ate at the small food place there and went home. I took a warm shower and dried my hair before sleeping. I totally crashed too. I started this last night but I had to finish it this morning kekekeke...


p.s. correction to previous spelling error, it's Keio University, not KO.
random thoughts: the crows here are gigantor!

originally written: Apr 4, 2007

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