Sunday, March 30, 2008

11th Installment: The Human Pillow...are you tired of me yet?

Brekkie & Guesthouse mates oh boy
Guess who actually woke up in time for brekkie? Yup I dragged myself out of my room. I met three German guys. The two younger ones had been soldiers and were taking time off before school. They were living in Australia for 5 months and then decided to travel around Asia. The older man was just travelling in general. I didn't stay too long but I did have a good chat with them.

I wasn't so lonely because I met up with Connie and Esther, my other Singapore friends from Namsan Guesthouse. Yay! We decided to go to Coex Mall, which is an underground mall and I promised myself not to buy anymore heavy things!

I was supposed to meet them at 12:30pm, but I was slightly late b/c I confused the exit and the transfer point. Oops. Oh well they found me anyway. So we were riding on the subway and we actually got seats. The guy beside me was asleep (looked like a student) and he kept inadvertently leaning on me. Yup, even his head ended up on my shoulder. I kept thinking maybe I should move his head and Connie was even gonna push him with her pointer finger. Well, I decided to be nice and let him have my shoulder..heaven knows I've done my fair share of sleeping on the transit...i'm waiting for good karma...hahaa... He woke up just before our stop and didn't even realize what he had been doing. lmao...oh well..

COEX MALL....will my wish come true?
We went straight to the food court and there were some little pools there where ppl could throw coins into the jar and our wishes would come true. We ate our food and then decided to throw our coins. The pool we went to, had a statue kid holding the jar. So I decided since I am ambedextrous, I'm going to throw two coins. I decided left I aimed for the jar and threw. landed just under the jar and hit the kid where the sun don't shine! How did I not notice the statue was nude and how did I not notice it was male...omg...we laughed so hard. So embarassing. The throw with my right hand wasn't even close..hahaha

Kimchi Museum
Decided to check out the kimchi museum. Very interesting...but seeing as I was so full, just watching the kimchi made me feel even more full. I was also getting pretty tired. I took pictures of jars and stuff like that and then we left.

What's Sweeter Than Frozen Yogourt?
We were feeling pretty sluggish. We tried to go to the aquarium, but it was kind of pricey and we didn't really need to see fish. We went to this frozen yogourt dessert place. OMG it was so good. It was frozen yogourt with pieces of watermelon, pineapple, tangerines and kiwi on the sides. There were peanuts and chocolate sauce drizzled over it too. So yummy and really refreshing. We felt better after that. While we were eating, there was this supercute 3-4 year-oldkid. She was adorable! She kept coming up to us and saying "an nyoung haseyo" (hello) and winking at us! What a cutie ^^

A New Look
I decided to get a haircut. Esther and Constance had gotten some really nice ones, so I asked them if I could go to the place where they got there's. After looking around Myeong-dong we found it. The people there are so nice. Pretty and cute stylists. They were really excited to practice their English with me and we even took pictures. How does my hair look? You'll have to wait and see. I look different ^^

A Dinner to Remember
Esther and Constance took me to a restaurant in Insadong someone had taken them to. We ate at a low table with our legs crossed. The food was so good and the side dishes were excellent. The two things that really made it unique were a kimchi wish serated leaves and chilli sauce and crab legs in sweet pepper sauce. The food was awesome! The cod was really good too. After that they walked me back to my place. We discussed how I would be able to get to the airport, seeing as my flight is at 8:50am!! I think I will take the limobus but I might be cutting it a little short, since the bus doesn't start till 5:45am and it takes about an hour to get to the airport. Esther and Constance offered for me to stay in their room with them and then they would help me with my luggage..I don't know. I'll have to think about it. I have all tomorrow and then I must leave the next morning.

Fare thee well chingu!! Until the next essay...


originally written: Apr 18, 2006

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