Sunday, March 30, 2008

Installment 8: In Da Club...again! & 1 year anniversary!

Installment 8: In Da Club...again! & 1 year anniversary!

Before I am labelled a spendthrift, just know that I saved a lot for this trip! Budget, budget, budget! Oh, and extra hours help out A LOT! ^_____^

I must say that paper will be the end of me....Japanese notebooks, stationary, origami paper, magazines... I'm carrying the Japanese forest home with me. Wish me luck!

Mellers had a late morning..we both did...but she slept later than me! So, in the morning, I went to a bookstore to find Chris her cherished magazines (kekeke I treasure them too!) and was able to find them! SCORE! But, as I have learned on this trip, small things add to large amounts...13 magazines later... *keels over* I must say that I did find an ultranice magazine that Chris will drool over ahahahahaa, it was so good that I had to buy three of them! I also bought a magazine for Josie.

Went for Yakiniku, which is basically bbq near Yoyogi station. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet more of Mellers and Eugene's friends. All who know me really well, know how much I loooooove you can probably imagine me squealing when the fire went insane and I was backed up into my chair as far as I could go ahahhaha. The food was really good though. Fun times ^_________^

Eugene, Jeff, Mellers and I went to Roppongi to meet up with Rika and Yu-chan. We were supposed to watch the Sakura (cherry blossoms) during the night, but it was raining a bit so we couldn't. The artists are really innovative here and so I admired a lot of it. Not to mention that Roppongi is richieville. So expensive!

We met up with Yu-chan (who we clubbed with the day I arrived) and Rika (who I met last year at Gaspanic club). It was so nice to see them. We went to a bar to drink...the prices were basically like you would expect hahaha. OH! and the gingerale REALLY TASTES LIKE GINGER! ahhaha

We all went to Gaspanic. Eugene and Jeff went to the bar and we hit the dancefloor. Soon after Mayu-chan came! I was really happy to see her. Last year when we came, we became friends with Mayu-chan, Rika and Taka. So this was going to be our 1 year anniversary. We were having a lot of fun...minus the creepy dude who was admiring me *gag*. Taka showed up and he ordered a big wine cooler. He opened the bottle and told me to drink. So...chugged half of it and shared the rest ahahha no way I could finish the whole thing!

Later on we met some jerks. Seriously, they were really raunchy and rude! We wanted to sit down and these three guys were like "HEY, come sit with us!" in English. They were American, but they wouldn't say why they were in Japan...not that I really cared. Anyway one guy said, "come sit on my lap" and I said NO. So then he sat on my lap *gaaaaagggggg* and his other bald friend looks over at me and says "I WANNA ------ KISS YOU". Hellllll NO! Mellers said I had a boyfriend and he's says, "Well he's not here. I won't tell.." EL GROSSO! They were totally after Mellers and I was getting pissed off! The lap dude tried to kiss Mayu-chan and Mellers too, but we got out of there. I saw them later making out with some asian girl, who eventually got upset and left. BOOOO to jerks!

Anyway, back to the fun stuff. We took some breaks in between and Mellers got me some oden! It was interesting and tasted good. We went to the Gaspanic cafe and seemed everyone wanted some of the oden too ahahha. I was able to catch up with Mayu-chan and all the girls were talking. We relaxed for a while before going back. When the club was going to close, I made sure to get a souvenir and we took some pics. Then we went for food. I was so hungry and tired. Another great day to add to the memory books. ^_______^ We got home at around 7amish and I slept around 8amish hahha.


originally written: Apr 8, 2007

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